Cookbook Treasures

I ordered two cookbooks on the recommendation of Cherry over at Cherry’s English Kitchen. They are two of the most beautiful books I have ever put my hands on.


I dont know what I expected. They came so highly recommended. And it took FOREVER it seemed for them to arrive. I ordered them through But they were SO worth the wait. The paper is amazing. The photos are stunning. The recipes are so do-able. I love a pretty book but for it to be pretty (beautiful actually) and useful…well it is more than can be hoped for. Tessa Kiros is the author of these two treasures (she has more…they are on my list). She has lead a most interesting life and one I might be jealous of if my life wasnt so near perfect.

I will certainly be sharing more about these books as I read them…word for word.

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Those books are too darling! I can’t wait to hear more about them! I am a sucker for a beautiful book too!
Happy New Year!

Can’t wait to hear more about these pretty books, I just may have to look them up, thanks for the heads up!


I took your advice and picked up the two cookbooks! They are my absolute favorite cookbooks. Lovely to look at AND the recipes are wonderful. Falling Cloudberries is refreshing to read a book/cookbook. Thank you so much for passing it on……. jo in alaska