I have been tagged…6 weird things…hmmmmm

Cherry tagged me!

Well…this is harder than I thought. I know many, many others think I am weird…odd…crazy…but, I think I am going to end up being boring instead of weird.

1) Valentine’s Day 2007 will be the anniversary of my first date with Husband 33 years ago. We have been together for much longer than we haven’t. WAY longer.

2)One thing I hate with a burning passion – panty hose. OH MY GOD – I detest them in so many, many ways. They are by far my least favorite article of clothing. And I think they are actually a torture device. Invented by a man of course. As a very cruel joke. Side bar: My favorite “uniform” is overalls and a white t-shirt.

3)I wore overalls everyday – EVERY DAY for 5 years. I still wear them at least 4-5 days a week. I do however own a couple pair of jeans now and will wear them “as dress up”. I am a very casual person and am very leary of an invitation that includes what I should or should not wear. I kinda figure if I cant wear my overalls, I dont really need to go. I intend to be buried in my overalls because I think it is very bizarre for a person to not look like themselves at a time when almost everyone you know will look at you and go…AWWW doesnt she look natural…when nothing could be farther from the truth. Not only do you look dead, but they wonder where you got those clothes. AND if whomever arranges my funeral allows them to put that god awful pink blush on me, I will haunt that person for the rest of their life. I think I have given this too much thought.

4)I am brutally honest. I get called out fairly regularly for this. However, people who know better will still ask my opinion when they know good and well I cannot in good conscience, pay lip service…if you dont want to know, dont ask. AND rest assured I will always say “are you sure you want my opinion?”. And they still do. Oh…and just for the record, I am often accused of not being a team player.

5)No one’s and I mean NO ONE’S voice bothers me anymore than George W. Bush. NO ONE’s. I dont think anyone’s even comes close. In the past 6 years I haven’t heard the man speak more than 10 words at any one time, before I either run from the room screaming or turn the TV off. Even if I read transcripts…which I am prone to do because I actually DO CARE about what goes on in the world and especially here, I hear his silly, nerve-wracking voice in my head. So most of the time I call my mom and ask her what was said. Short version please. And for those of you whom I have had endless conversations with about this administration, four words: I TOLD YOU SO. Man, I hate being right all the time. 😉

6)I am obsessed with Vermont. I know where almost every town/hamlet/villiage in Vermont is located. I know the average EVERYTHING about the state. I think almost everyday about moving there and would move to Vermont with Husband and children without ever looking back.

A little something extra: I own about 20 pairs of socks (all different) with cats on them.

I told you…boring.

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I totally agree with you on the overalls thing!! I have at different stages in my life worn them every single day..especially in summer!! Right now probably two days a week at least. I can’t wear them to work or I would. I have jeans for that..they are my dress up pants too. If I am wearing jeans at home I have on an apron too.
My best friend for the last 22 years and I have a pact that we will make sure that the other is buried in our overalls. Now THAT is a true friend.
YOu are my kinda gal Suzi!!!


I just had to tell you that was the cutest thing I have read in a long time. And I love overalls but I feel I am way too overweight to wear them anymore but I never wear anything but jeans, with preferably a flannel shirt.
And Amen girlfriend on the George Bush comment. I am ready for change.
aka Knewslady


Hi, I may be even more weird than you folks, believe it or not. I am a middleaged male,!, professor in Northern Norway, originally a Dane, brought up in Copenhagen and being teenager on a farm with a lot of sheeps and hay, somehow mixed attitude to farmlife, then become an academic all the way and so far ended as professor in Norway. And now why do I comment on your blog. The answer is: when I was Visiting professor in California in Berkeley 6 years ago, I discovered what I have lacked for half a century: the bibs ! I found them in thriftstores and some bibstores, and now I wear bibs almost every day, including on campus, here in Norway. I have not yet done it on Berkeley, I am a little bit scared of doing it, “a professor does not wear bibs !, and definitely not a male professor!!) But here in my town in Northern Norway, I am wearing it for meetings, in class and on cafés and of course at home. It took some time form to do it here in Norway, but now I do it, despite I am the only one, yet!! I have Key, Dickies, pointer etc. and I still have some Big Ben from 6 years ago. So I really feel the same when it comes to overalls as you and other people on farmgirl discussion, even when I am a man, perhaps a weird man (we are not supposed to be engaged in our clothes!!). My wife always wear dickies workpants(half bibs!)) and my two sons have accepted my style, but that was a bit hard for the youngest one (now 24). But now they think it is a little bit fancy or hip, that I am doing it! So I wear bib overalls almost all year round all the time, and the most faded are the best, even If some people are looking strange on me! But there are still 2 places, where I am not wearing the bibs. The first place is in the airport, when you go through security control ! then they are bibbing !! so I have jeans in that case. The other place is in opera, but that may be a matter of time before I go in to the opera with my black overalls, see my moblog where I have photos from Christmas in black overalls,
There are also some photos from our new FARMhouse !!, in Denmark, so perhaps I become a farmer when I retire. Is farmgirlmaryjane only for women??, it sounds really cosy when you discuss if one should be buried in overalls etc. etc.
perhaps we can discuss overalls on my blog ?
all the best from a weird bibprofessor,Niels, in the very North
and I totally agree regarding your (or your country’s) current president