Looking forward to Spring…

Yeah, a little early I know but around here Spring arrives pretty early in the year.  We have had a horrid week…tummy bug.  From Hades.  I had the kids to the pediatrician on Friday for sinus stuff…I suppose we picked the little gem up there.  OH MY.  Ben started Sunday, then I joined him Monday night.  I didnt get out of bed yesterday except to go to the bathroom.  I ran a 102.9 fever for several hours yesterday and finally Hannah force fed me a couple of extra strength tylenol.  I was so sick I was afraid to put anything in my stomach. But my fever broke last night just in time to start taking care of Rachel.  She has had a horrible night. Hopefully she will be much better today.

I am actually drinking a little black coffee to ward off the caffeine monster that lives in my brain.  He was using both fists on my skull this morning as it had been way too long between his doses.  I am feeling a little less punk (one of my dad’s terms for not feeling well).

When I talked to Husband last night he told me to be sure and get everyone well before he arrived back at the house tomorrow.  Tall orders.  I usually try to prepare him a really good meal the night he comes home but I cant even think about food right now.

Later on today when my tummy isnt quite so spongy I will type up a recipe for today…and post a picture of an apron my mom gave me a week or so ago.  One she embroidered when she was just a little girl.  How wonderful is that???

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Hope everyone is healthy soon!
Can’t wait to see that apron it sounds like a gem!