Today's Realizations:The Common Cold and Anglophilia are both very contagious.

I was so proud of myself last week for not getting sick with the rest of my family. Pride goeth before a fall. Night before last my throat was a little dry when I went to bed. Enough so that I got back up, retrieved a bottle of water and handful of peppermints. Yesterday I didnt feel bad. I just didnt feel good. Today I lean more towards feeling bad. My head feels full, my throat is actually sore. And it hurts my eyes to move them. So I will remind myself that some illnesses have a longer incubation period than others. And that I dont actually have an immunity to illness…I am just not prone. Two completely different things. Immune is certainly not the same as disinclined.

Did I mention how much I love British everything? Angliophilia runs in our family. One hour of British TV and the whole lot break into British accents with varying degrees of believability. Hannah and Rachel could pass, though Hannah often lapses into Scotish and Irish in mid sentence. Mine however, quite honestly, is horrid. Granted I dont practice as they do. I want to do better but my Southerness comes shining through very easily. What brings this up I suppose is feeling bad yesterday and sitting around in the afternoon watching Wives and Daughters. I didnt want to like it because my first thought was “well, this isnt North & South, that’s for sure”. Not the N&S of the civil war drama (yuck) but the BBC’s North and South….ahhh…LOVE IT. But after I had seen the first episode (we have the first two from netflix and the next disc will be here Monday) I loved it too. AND was motivated to sketch out some aprons I intend to make very soon! Now today since I dont really feel like working, thought I have plenty to do, I think I will suggest we watch some Jane Austen.

My daughters are so inspired by Miss Austen, that they have written their own book: Narcissism and Judgment (a modern tale based on Pride and Predjudice). Of course they are also writing several screenplays : Tiara Girls, My Freaking Fab Fourteen and Toledo Bend (think a redneck Laguna Beach). No, neither of them are normal. Thank God.

AND just as soon as it is seen fit to show close enough to see, I will be venturing out to see Miss Potter. I LOVE Beatrix Potter as well. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

As I write this post, my youngest and his cousin are making a cooking show. Rachel is directing and filming. Oh…those silly homeschool children! I will save you from a rant on peoples’ misperceptions of homeschooling–but in another post, I promise. They are making Awesome Oreo Pie. So adorable! It looks rather messy but yummy just the same. I think chef hats are on my sewing list as well. I just heard Ben say “Who do you think you are? Tom Colicchio?” How many 10 year olds know who Tom Colicchio is? Too funny.

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My daughter and her gurlfriends do the accent thing too!
Have a great day!