Where have you been???

Oh please believe me,  I would have loved to post pictures and recipes and all the wonderful things said about my “all day pork chop dish” but…my computer crashed…not my new mac…but my pc.  NO I didnt have everything backed up.  Are you kidding me?  That would have been too easy.  And so I spent the weekend #1 buying a new computer and #2 remaking ALL my labels, invoices, templates that were on the old computer.  Will I learn the value of backing up everything?  Yea, for a while probably.  Then I will get in a hurry or lazy or both and will be in this same mess somewhere down the road.  But I will be posting the recipe because it was a hit! EVERYONE loved it.  My mom said it was the most tender piece of pork she had eaten in forever.  It is not a dish I would make even once a month but for a very special occasion it would be worth all the work.  I cut the chops out of a loin I purchased and you know sometimes, if not most times, pork loin can cook up dry.  This was wonderfully moist and as my mom said, VERY tender.

As soon as I am caught up with my soap stuff I will be back with recipes galore!

Tonight’s Menu: Leftover Duck /Andoille/ Tasso Gumbo ala  Husband

Husband made a terrific pot of gumbo last night and we had Second Son and his wife and their friend over to eat, play Texas Hold ‘Em, drink a very nice bottle of chardonnay and shoot some fireworks we had left over from New Years.  Yes, I know it was a Monday, but our schedules are not like normal people’s.  With Husband and Second Son on conflicting work rotations, we entertain when everyone is available.

About business: I will be up and running by January 29, provided nothing else horrid happens!  I am making soap like a mad woman and Third Daughter will be wrapping like crazy over the next few weeks.  All new packaging…very excited…pictures soon.

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