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That's my girl…and a recipe too!

Well Oldest Daughter came thru the gall bladder surgery just great. She was in and out of surgery (laproscopy) and home by noon. I guess if she didnt learn anything else from me she did pick up “there’s no place like home”…especially when the other place is a hospital! I talked to her husband last night and she was resting. I am sure she will be more sore today than yesterday as she still had some very good pain killers by the time she got home. I will go over (she lives 30 miles from us) today just after noon and take them some food and see what I can do to help, if anything. And then take Little Man to the dentist and back home in time to pick Middle Daughter up from work.

I was very excited to hear from Husband last night and he will be home sometime Thursday – maybe late – but home just the same.

Now I figure I better post a recipe or else. I have been so neglectful of this blog lately…running in and out like a mad woman.

I am making these for breakfast. I picked up a half a flat of fresh strawberries at a roadside stand yesterday on the way home from the hospital. Enjoy!

Strawberry-Yogurt Scones

2 cups flour
3 TB. sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. baking soda
4 TB. butter, cold, cut into 1/2 in. cubes
3/4 cup chopped fresh very ripe strawberries
3/4 cup plain yogurt

2 TB. half and half
confectioner’s sugar

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
2. Stir together dry ingredients. With a pastry cutter or two knives, cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Stir in strawberries. Stir in enough yogurt to be able to form dough into a ball (up to 3/4 cup).
3. Turn dough onto floured surface and with floured hands, knead a few times. Press dough into a rectangle, about 1 1/2 inches thick. Fold rectangle into thirds, like a letter. Press dough into 9-inch round. Cut into 8 equal triangles.
4. Place scones into scone pan or on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake until golden, about 15 minutes. Remove to rack to cool.
5. Whisk confectioner’s sugar into half and half, adding more sugar until desired consistency is reached. Frost scones while warm.

Makes 8 scones.


WOW what a week…

It started out fairly normal but then WHAM!  Tuesday I spoke to Oldest Daughter a couple of times and knew she felt pretty sick but she is not one to really complain so I didnt realize how sick.  Wednesday morning she called and wanted to know if I minded driving her and her husband to the ER.  She was now throwing up.  But no fever so really thought it was something more serious than a virus.  And indeed it was.  Pancreatitis.  Due to gall stones.  So after an ALL day trip to the ER, meeting an INSANE surgeon and deciding he was NOT cutting on anyone we knew. We came home, called our gyn (both of us see him) and got a referral to a normal person who is also a surgeon.  Oldest Daughter’s gall bladder removal surgery is scheduled for Monday morning at 7am.  So off we will go.  I am sure it will all go just as planned.  She is young and healthy otherwise.

This weekend will be all about getting my ducks in a row and doing whatever she needs me to do to help her get ready for this.  This is her first trip to the O.R., or really the hospital period except for having her arms set when she was a little girl and went head first over the handle bars of her bike.  Please wish her well!

So I will do my best to get back to blogging next week. I have sewing projects to share and recipes…see you soon!


Meet Seamus ~ Super Kitty!

I will give you a little history on Seamus. We were given him by one of my very good friends at the local green market. Seamus was a barn kitty and from a litter of 6. He is a beautiful black cat. He has had a very eventful life. First of all he is not a “people kitty”. He tolerates me and my husband and really cant believe the children are still here! After all he has made it perfectly clear that their presence annoys him to no end. I will list his “accidents” over the past two years.

1)He was bitten in the EYE BALL by a water moccasin. He spent two weeks on the foot of our bed lingering between life and death. And then hopped of one day and demanded to go outside. And here I had been bringing food and a litter box TO him, he was too sick to walk the length of the hall to go himself.
2)Our neighbors dog put him 25+ feet in a tree where he stayed for 4 days before we found him. This neighbor climbed the tree and rescued him. Husband was gone when we found him but said he thought it unnecessary to climb all that way. He said he would have eventually come down but I saw no evidence of that.
3)Second snake bite, not as severe. This snake that I wasnt able to identify, caught him on the jaw and his head swelled and he was feverish but never really down.
4)Now this trip to the vet was due to an absess on his hip. Evidently he found something to fight with and lost. Though I didnt see the other party so who knows.

Now I would LOVE to keep him in for the rest of his life. He and Mo too. Mo is a loving, precious cat and the exact opposite of Seamus in personality. However, neither of them have ever wanted to be housebound. They howl and scratch and demand to be let out. Seamus did spend last night inside and used a litter box I fixed for him. He is eating and drinking and seems to have recovered from his procedure yesterday. And honestly hasnt put up much of an effort to go out. The vet said to keep him in at least 3-4 days. Tall orders. He did add “if you can”. He’s been Seamus’ vet for a long time and knows how he is.

So there he lays in my chair on a blanket (his absess is oozie) and looking very regal as usual. Here is a picture of him on a happier day in the garden.


When I talked to Husband last night (he’s on the rig now)all he said was “good luck with the ointment.” Yep, I am gonna need it. I am sure it will take all four of us, me and the three children to apply it. The first time may not be bad if we catch him off guard. But I dread that second time!

Oh well…just thought I would share. I am really hoping he will get used to being in and want to stay in.

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