I do loves me some lamb chops…

not the puppet.  Lamb Chops the puppet always scared the beejeezes out of me. Anyway…since lamb was on my list of allowed foods we thought we would give them a try.  Even at $12.99 a pound I enjoyed the heck out of them.  I now have to search for a better price somewhere.

lamb chops

Husband made a lovely rub out of toasted cumin, cardamom, fennel seed, and black peppercorns.  He ground all of it and then toasted it in dry skillet. Then he mixed it with cayenne, olive oil and ginger.  He rubbed the chops with this and refrigerated for about 3 hours.  Then grilled them.  YUMMY.  He served it up with a REAL Caesar salad with homemade croutons, bagguettes and cilantro risotto with saffron, basil, oregano, parsley and beef broth for the liquid.


It was all amazing.  We enjoyed it with a nice bottle of Turning Leaf Pinot Noir. Yep…I am spoiled.

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Ooooeee, that sounds good!