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Sick of being sick…

Well, we almost recovered from the stomach stuff when I decided it would be an interesting turn of events to have anaphylactic shock.  Yep…eating a delicious supper of brisket and corn on the cob and WHAM my throat slammed shut.  Well not completely shut.  I could squeak out that I couldnt breathe and that we had no Benadryl.  So off we go to town to get benadryl or to the hospital which ever seemed appropriate when we got there.  I opted for the meds and stood in the isle at Walmart and drank liquid Benadryl.  I dont know if it really is a miracle drug or if I just relaxed knowing I had it.  But I began to breathe a little better.  So we paid and the drove around a little to see if I would be okay.  The next morning we went to see the family allergist.  I have never had a food allergy in my life so I was fully expecting after being poked in the arm 73 times that it would be nothing…a fluke.  That would have been too easy.  Here is a list of things I MUST avoid: Soy, Nuts of any kind, Cow Milk,  Field Peas of any kind except purple hull (huh???does that seem weird to anyone else?), Cantaloupe, Tomato, String Beans, Shellfish, Garlic.

These I can have small amounts of: wheat, tuna, salmon, beef, citrus fruits, coconut, raspberry, cauliflower, potatoes (sweet and white), cabbage, rye, onion, sesame seed, sunflower seed, English peas, celery, grapes, barley, mustard and plums.

All very interesting, HUH?  So I can live on coffee, chocolate, apples, lettuce and water.  YUMMY.  Kidding.  Such is life.  I will do the best I can and eating out wont be much of an option any more.  And the allergist said: READ LABELS…it is very VERY important that I do not ingest soy…that was off the charts. Do you have any idea how much stuff contains soy??? Or soy oil.

So I suppose I will have some new recipes to post soon.

Oh and by the way…my throat is sore and the flu is going around.  YEAH.


Speaking of Cats…

My dear, new friend Cherry always mentions her kitty Boo on her blog.  I havent really talked about my little feline babies. Our two kitties are so different. The King/Emperor Seamus is rude and distant and disgusted with the other kitty almost continuously. He only just tolerates us. Probably because he doesnt like catching his own food. And that saucer of cream every morning. He and I have a special bond. He really doesnt like me, but he doesnt hate me. So that makes me his favorite. Nothing happened to make him so. He came to us this way. He was a beautiful little black kitten with the most enchanting blue eyes (I so wanted them to stay blue but they did not)and mean as a snake. He sat on his perch and dared the children to touch him. He really thought I should have instructed them better so they would know their places when he arrived. Bad mommy.

Then there is poor, poor Mo. Not bright. Not regal. But so so sweet and loving. He doesnt get to come inside as much as Seamus simply because we have never been able to train him not to be destructive. He CANNOT grasp much. So rather than fuss, we just gently put him outside. He was abandoned as a baby and I really dont think he knows he’s a kitty. He so frightened of birds. And straw. And other animals. Yet in all these years, he still doesnt get that Seamus is not going to play with him and will be very angry if he tries.  I think he is a sad little case of “failure to thrive”.  Husband found them in our shed when they were about 8 weeks old.  Actually he had been watching them for a while, wondering if he could get away with not telling me they were there.  When he realized he hadnt seen the mother kitty in quite a while and they cried a lot, he called me out to the shed and said “Meet your new grandchildren.” Oh they were so precious.  Mo and two sister kitties.  He was twice as big as the girls and half as smart it seemed.  He was eager and friendly but it seemed he might be a little dimwitted. He would sit in the litter box and poo outside it.  He would put his face so close to the water in their bowl that he would get strangled or suck it up his nose.  We soon realized 4 kitties in the house was about 2 too many so we found homes for Heidi and Pepper.  I hear Heidi lacks her brother’s social skills but seems to be alright otherwise.  Seamus was as tolerant during this phase as possible.  Never actually hurting one of the kitties but they knew to stay out of his way…or at least the girls did.

Then one day I was taking our garbage to the dumpsters and there perched on one side was a beautiful part siamese half grown kitty.  He was trying desperately not to be torn apart by the dogs that had him cornered.  So I climbed up and rescued him.  He was so lovely.   And perfectly behaved.  Husband said Ling Pao had seen the dump and he didnt want to go back.  We loved him just as much as the others.  And lost him just a little while ago to feline leukemia.  The vet said he probably had it when we took him in.  He had had all his vaccinations just like the others but if he had it when we got him it wouldnt cure him. Our other two are fine so we believe he must have already been infected.  We miss him.

So there are the kitties -short version.  One day I will tell you about Seamus getting bitten in they eye ball by a poisonous snake.  And spending 3+ days 25 ft up in a tree before we found him.  He’s quite a tough one.  Oh…and I will put up pictures soon too.  And I havent forgotten the apron pictures…just been very busy.

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