Recipe of the Day: Pasta with Chicken & Artichokes

pastaSo tonight was my night to cook. So I dug around in the pantry to see what sounded good…while fresh would be much much better but canned artichokes hearts are the next best thing. I threw a little something together. I sauted boneless skinless chicken breasts in a little olive oil and butter. Added a touch of onion and garlic (a little never killed anyone huh?)…some chives, parsley and salt and fresh cracked black pepper. NOTE: My new favorite salt is Himalayan Pink. Cooked a pot of fettucini and set aside in some ice water. To the large skillet of chicken and herbs I added two cups canned artichoke hearts, a jar of hearts of palm (sliced), a can of sliced water chestnuts and a bunch of fresh asparagus tops and a couple cups sliced mushrooms.** Added back the pasta and heated it all and dished it up.

**Boil the bottoms of the asparagus and freeze the liquid to add to soups or anywhere you need a tasty broth.

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