Vintage Apron, Enbroidery & Quilt Square

As I promised weeks ago, here are some vintage pieces my mom gave me. I will cherish these…what great gifts!


This is an apron my mom embroidered when she was just a little girl. She says between 5 and 7 she thinks. Amazing! Why don’t little girls today know how to do such wonderful needlework? Many reasons I suppose.

NOTE: The apron top was attached to your clothes with safety pins…I have seen this on Colonial clothing but found it very interesting for something made in the 1930’s. 


This is something I embroidered when if I am remembering correctly I was about 10.


This is an embroidery my dad did when he too was very young. My granny told me that’s how she kept him busy while she made bread or worked around the house. She would get him started and this would keep him out of trouble while she was busy. He had to be pre-school age. His dad and mom both sewed beautifully. My grandfather was a farmer and after harvest he would make quilts with my granny. He was just as great at handstitching as she was. I am the proud owner of several of their masterpieces.


This is a quilt square (one of two) I have that my grandfather’s mother made. What treasures these all are!

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Beautiful! What treasures. Hold them close to your heart because they are truly a touchstone to your family. Thank you for sharing. I showed my daughter age 9 and she said they looked like a grown up (42 year old) did them. That is a very high compliment! *g*


Yes, treasures indeed! Thanks for sharing them.

My mother-in-law is German, and she learned to knit and crochet when she was a young girl in elementary school. How nice that you have those vintage pieces from your mother! They’ll mean even more as the years pass.