WOW what a week…

It started out fairly normal but then WHAM!  Tuesday I spoke to Oldest Daughter a couple of times and knew she felt pretty sick but she is not one to really complain so I didnt realize how sick.  Wednesday morning she called and wanted to know if I minded driving her and her husband to the ER.  She was now throwing up.  But no fever so really thought it was something more serious than a virus.  And indeed it was.  Pancreatitis.  Due to gall stones.  So after an ALL day trip to the ER, meeting an INSANE surgeon and deciding he was NOT cutting on anyone we knew. We came home, called our gyn (both of us see him) and got a referral to a normal person who is also a surgeon.  Oldest Daughter’s gall bladder removal surgery is scheduled for Monday morning at 7am.  So off we will go.  I am sure it will all go just as planned.  She is young and healthy otherwise.

This weekend will be all about getting my ducks in a row and doing whatever she needs me to do to help her get ready for this.  This is her first trip to the O.R., or really the hospital period except for having her arms set when she was a little girl and went head first over the handle bars of her bike.  Please wish her well!

So I will do my best to get back to blogging next week. I have sewing projects to share and recipes…see you soon!

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