More Aprons~

SO these are for gifts but geez….I want to keep this one SOOO badly.


I will just have to make another one…not exactly but “like” it. LOVE the layered look…the hidden pocket…LOVE IT completely. And I LOVE to mix fabrics. My house is a testament to that. Mixie Matchie.

Here are the other two aprons I made this week…you can “enlargen” them if you like, by clicking on them.


In a definite sewing mood now. Got so much fabric to make up into aprons. Then I suppose I will put them on the shoppe site to help them find new homes.

I will do my best to post some recipes in the next week. Going out of town for a few days so it maybe a week.

I do LOVE that apron but I made it SPECIFICALLY for someone so I MUST give it…must…have to. With a glad heart.

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Sent you an email. Get in touch with me when you can. I cherish the apron you made for me. It is for special occasions but I think I might where it out and about too!!!!!


Love the aprons! I think I’m on an apron kick these days 🙂
Niki’s Ventures Blog

That is gorgeous! I don’t blame you for wanting to keep it. I would too. (I just found your blog through Turkey Feathers and I’m really enjoying it.)