More Treasures!

So we went to my mom’s for lunch today and she loaded me up with goodies AGAIN.  This time she sent me home with this beautiful little sugar and creamer set.


These were my aunt’s – my mom’s only sister.  She had all sorts of pretties.  Cups and tea sets…this was always my favorite.  And then my paternal grandmother’s butter churn. My mom’s mom’s got broken by my little brother about 40 years ago! It was the glass kind – like a jar.

churn.jpg It has a wooden paddle that I didnt think to take a picture of.  And last but not least…a milk glass pitcher that is OH SO heavy! And a couple of milk glass serving dishes…pics later.  She also wants me to have this coffee maker that was from WWII when they couldnt make things from metal.  Its very unique…but I couldnt carry it today.  We were walking and our hands were all full!


I hope when our living room renovations are complete, I will have wonderful places to display all my treasures.

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I just love the sugar and creamer set. Makes you want to go and get all gussed up and have company over for tea or coffee.