Feeling less punkish.

That was one of my dad’s favorite descriptions of how he felt. Ask him and if he wasnt on par, he was a little punkish. I dont know exactly how to describe it , but you know it if you feel it. I am still coughing a lot. And my head is still stuffy but I have sat upright now for more than 20 minutes, so I think I might live.

When I promise recipes, or such, I always seem to fail so no more promises! I will only say I will do my best to post some great food things this weekend. Husband has been cooking everyday and it has all been wonderful. He has cooked, cleaned, gardened and taken very good care of me.

I will leave you with a photo for today…


I am loving my new camera! Daughter #3 took this one.

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Good to hear you are getting better, slowly, but steady. Take care. I cite you in my latest entry in my blog,http:/

Hello there.. I hope you don’t mind that I’m posting this comment (I read “Greek Tragedy” and read your comment) – I just had to stop and tell you that this photo is gorgeous.

Have a wonderful day!