Garden Photos

I ventured out this morning to snap a few pictures of our Spring garden. LOVELY lettuces! Husband tells me if the rain holds off a couple of days we will plant corn. I think he is setting out more tomatoes and peppers today. raisedbed1.jpg

(lettuce and chive beds and you can see a few pea vines up)

raisedbed2.jpg raisedbed4.jpg


one beautiful rose bud on my back arbor.

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I’m still a little chilly here in alaska, but springtime comes to me in your blog…….. my lettuce plants look pathetic in their windowbox after looking at yours. How your site cheers me! jo

wow! A rosebud!!! I won’t see that for at least 2 more months! Your gardens are incredible!

You have such a beautiful garden. How do you find the time to keep it so neat and pretty??

Cherry xx

Thank you all for your kind words. I wish I could take credit for the gardens but I cannot! Husband does a wonderful job and we are surely enjoying the tasty lettuces! I still have carrots in my crisper from the Winter garden but the carrots he planted a few weeks ago are looking great too.

Check back often and let me know you were here! I will be posting more pictures from around our home.