Leaving on a jet plane!

I finally heard from Husband a little after noon yesterday. The last time I had talked to him was Saturday when his plane arrived in Atlanta. He was finally in his hotel in Sfax. He was completely worn out and only said it was what he had expected. I didn’t push him to tell me more this time as he sounded so exhausted. I wanted to cry because I already miss him so, and out of happiness that he had arrived safely.


#2 Daughter and I had watched the Delta website all night, mapping his progress across the Atlantic so we knew he had


arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris safely and then on to Tunis some time around 4 a.m. our time. From Tunis he took a 4 hour bus ride to Sfax. He just said it was like nothing he had ever seen, but expected. I am sure when I talk to him again I will get more details. Unless something has changed he will spend 3-5 days in Sfax attending meetings before he goes out to the rig. As I understand it, the rig will not even arrive until May 2.

Quite honestly, I have thought of little else than him for the past two days even though friends have visited to cheer me up. Plus I will have our little grandson for several days so that will keep me occupied. Plus we are finishing up the school year and I will give end of year tests the week before Husband returns. It is a very busy time of year for us with gardening and wrapping up school. And I have several projects I want to work on as well. I have aprons to make and one of the friends that visited yesterday came to cheer me as well as talk business. She owns a farmer’s market and we are discussing classes she wants me to teach. She has put in an onsite kitchen this year and it is the perfect place to start holding Farmgirl Chapter Meetings! I will be getting with Libbie over at MJF and asking her help in getting my chapter “Steel Magnolias” off and running.

So…today will be a busy Monday. I will do all my ordinary things plus organized my sewing corner. I have projects to sew and it is quite a mess at the moment.

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