New picnic table, mailbox and more!

Husband announced Thursday morning he is going to town to buy wood. For what I ask?! I thought you wanted a picnic table. YES, YES, I just didnt think I was getting it NOW. Isnt it great? And BIG. It is 8 foot long…big enough for the whole family to enjoy a meal. And for us to do school in the mornings – outdoor school is the best you know!


And while he was in the building mood. He put up a new mailbox with my whimsical numbers he made me! I know, this may seem a little crazy to some, but I love a good mailbox! And with lovely numbers handcrafted by someone who knows I love a good mailbox.


He made them from some sort of sheet metal…they are very heavy. I do believe Adirondack chairs are next on his outdoor furniture list. I understand also that it is quite possible we are buying some white wicker for the front porch.

Now for the rest of the weekend’s news. I finally cooked! And it was yummy…


A whole salmon rubbed with spiced olive oil and covered with spring vegetables, wrapped and baked. It was very good! Not nearly as good as the pork loin we had the next night (I didnt cook it you can guess!). Husband “unrolled” it to a long slab about 1/2 inch thick, covered it with a spiced brown sugar mixture (I will have to get his recipe and post it later), rolled it up again. Covered the outside with the same mixture and grilled it. And served it with a skillet of potatoes.

Then yesterday we went to a Karate tournament with Daughter #3. It wasnt great as she didnt win any trophies but we surely enjoyed the day. Daughter #1 and her husband came. Son #1 and my brother and his wife and two daughters. So she had lots of encouragement. And of course the whole family thought she should have won! But being a purple belt she had to compete against brown and black belts and the competition was stiff. There was questionable scoring in the sparring but you win some, you lose some. And we were really proud of her – she handled her loss much better than I did and MUCH better than her dad. Then we took the whole family to lunch and ventured to Lowe’s to look at showers. Husband is putting in a new shower for Daughter #1 and her husband. After that we took off to the fabric store and the mall do do a little shopping. I bought oilcloth to make a table cover for my new picnic table. And the girls clothes shopped.

I have been busy as a bee with soap business. I have sold my internet portion of my soap business and will be making announcements to that effect very soon. I am still going to be making and selling Farmgirl Clean™ products including soap. And am proud to say I will be doing a special line for MaryJanesFarm – it will be for sale very soon on her website. Plus I am going to reintroduce somethings in my shoppe – coffee, teas and such…and aprons and other household /homemaking items. I am very excited about the changes…and you will still be able to get the soap you have come to know and love from the new owners! There will be a name change and website – I will announce it when they are ready. These are all good changes. My life is just full of changes lately!

Husband will be leaving to work overseas in just a very short week. His plane leaves next Saturday and even as much time as we have always spent away from each other, I know we will have to adjust to the longer absences. But, I have more than enjoyed these last several weeks he has been at home. His first trip he will be gone three weeks and then home three. After that it will be a 4 week hitch. He will be working in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tunisia. We are all excited and scared at the same time. BIG changes. I told him when he flew into Paris for the first time to remember how much fun we will have together there next year. Planning a trip already! We had already promised the kids a trip to Williamsburg this fall so that trip will have to wait a little while. But we are all getting our passports and thinking ahead.

All these work changes are another reason I have made some business decisions…freeing myself up to flit around the globe with Husband!

This is my longest post to date I believe. Just catching you up to speed on our lives!

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I am so sad. 🙁

I’m afraid it won’t be the same soap to me……

But I am happy for YOU!