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Twenty (5) Questions…and answers!

I have a tummy bug so I am not very creative this morning.  I found this on another blog (would give credit but cant remember where!).  Consider yourself tagged!

1.If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? mmmm… a Village green in Vermont or Nantucket

2. What’s your favorite article of clothing? Overalls

3. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? Eyes

4. What’s the last CD that you bought? Credence Clearwater Revival Greatest Hits

5. Where’s your favorite place to be? My house.

6. Where is your least favorite place to be? Hosptial

7. What’s your favorite place to be massaged? Shoulders

8. Strong in mind or strong in body? Strong in mind

9. What time do you wake up in the morning? Usually between 4 and 5

10. What is your favorite kitchen appliance? my KitchenAid coffeemaker

11. What makes you really angry? war

12. If you could play any instrument, what would it be? Mandolin

13. Favorite color? Red

14. Which do you prefer…sports car or SUV? SUV

15. Do you believe in an afterlife? Indeed.

16. Favorite children’s book? We Help Mommy

17. What is your favorite season? Autumn

18. Your least favorite household chore? Dusting

19. If you could have one super power, what would it be? Fly

20. If you have a tattoo, what is it? Dont have one…yet!

21. Can you juggle? No.

22. The one person from your past that you wish you could go back and talk to? My BonDon

23. What’s your favorite day? First day of Autumn

24. What’s in the trunk of your car? Umbrella, Cool/Hot bag for impromtu grocery shopping, tool kit

25. Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger?  Hamburger (Turkery burger if possible)


Organic Cotton Towels!

Look peeps, I cannot explain to you about these towels and do them justice. I am your typical homemaker, I get excited over new things for our home just like everyone else…but these are the best towels I have ever owned. Bar none. Middle Daughter comes prancing out of the bathroom all wrapped up and oooing and aahhhing over them. They are so plump and luxurious! I know many of you are not blessed to have a Belk around the corner, so either go to their website or to MaryJanesFarm and order them. You will not be disappointed.


Farmgirls Rule!!!


We had a wonderful weekend in Jackson, MS–actually Flowood, MS. Husband and I went for a weekend away and to meet MaryJane Butters and family. They are just as precious in real life as I expected…and I expect a lot people! We had a lovely dinner on Friday night (talked a little business) and then Saturday I went to MaryJane’s presentation at Belk. Belk is the exclusive distributor of MaryJane’s organic cotton linens…check them out on her website! Awesome…I came home with some of the most luxurious towels!!! And also with such a huge since of belonging…to such a wonderful group…FARMGIRLS! We are a special breed and should embrace our talents, creativity, love for the land and for each other! Here are a few pictures I will write more about the particulars of the weekend when I am not so pooped!





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