The Winds of Change are Gale Force!

Dear Valued Customers,

The winds of change are blowing! 2007 has already proven to be a very
interesting year! As many of you know, I was featured in MaryJanesFarm
magazine last year and with that came many new customers and farmgirl

Business was brisk through the end of 2006 and if it and previous
years were any indication of things to come, and I believe it was, I
had to make some changes. Positive changes!

In March of this year I was so blessed to meet and share a meal with
MaryJane Butters. It was pure pleasure… but business as well. I will
be doing a line of products for her in her Lotions and Potions
section! I am so excited! You will find them on her website very soon!

I will continue to maintain my shoppe at home so if you live locally
give me a ring and drop by. I will also continue to make and sell
Farmgirl Clean products thru this website. You will find a link below
to order Farmgirl Clean products if you don’t live within driving
distance. If however, you are looking for other soaps to mail order,
rest assured they are still available! I have passed along my recipes
and sold that part of my business to The Wash Basin. Please visit them
for all your other soap needs. I have left you in very capable hands!

Thank you for your support thru the years. Change is good. These
changes will allow me to do some other things I have been wanting to
do for a long time. I will always make soap, that is what I do. But I
also enjoyed making aprons for you, providing your coffee and tea
needs and work on my cookbook series I had such good intentions of
finishing at least one book last year but business was wonderful and I
just didnt have enough hours in my days! Streamlining my soapmaking to
MaryJane’s line and Farmgirl Clean will allow me more time for other
projects – not to mention I am designing a line of Country
Baby Clothes!

Now please visit The Wash Basin. and give them the same wonderful
support you have blessed me with!

Blessings & Bliss,

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Carrie (cinnamongirl on MJF)

Congrads on joining in on sales at farm going to have to try some soon.