A Little Humor – and update on my mom

Here are two cartoons Rachel (15) has shared with us over the past few months. You would have to be around my children for a bit to understand their sense of humor. Or better yet around Husband and I…that might explain them a little better. Our children are all very close. And having them all in the house at once can be detrimental to your health if laughing hurts you. They are much like the old casts of SNL without the drugs and alcohol issues. They play off of each other like it is rehearsed. So much of it would get lost in translation, that there is no need to try and share it here. Besides so much of being funny is in the delivery. But I thought you might like a glimpse into how one of the little minds works. If you are a fairly normal person, you might not find them funny at all.

You can click to enlarge.


Sometimes it is very important to find something to laugh about, especially when so much of what is going on in your life is sad. 

Mom went to the pulmonary dr and he didnt want to do the biopsy. No need really. He explained that the bladder tumors are so aggressive and so advanced that he didnt want to put her thru any more than necessary. I respect him for that. Most drs will test until you say NO MORE. She is really okay with it…feeling blessed to have time to get all her affairs in order and being of MORE than sound mind – she gets to visit with her family. This pulmonary dr even mentioned hospice…which I really dont even know what that is. We are just trying to be very positive and keep our chins up. No need to cry and grieve just yet. We want to enjoy our time together having fun…not looking towards what will be some of the hardest days of our lives.

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Indeed, just enjoy your time together, a gift you will reflect on many times and one that will surely make you smile!

I would like for you and your Mom to know that I have all of you in my prayers. I know this hard on you. I hope you enjoy every minute with your Mom.
Take care and have a good one.

You may have already started your research into ‘hospice’ — it can be a wonderful, dignified, personal approach (and the staff tend to be just incredible people). Think of it as a mid-way point between being at home (where you might be comfortable except for the fact that your loved ones really aren’t equipped to meet your health/care needs) and a hospital (where it’s ONLY about being medically treated in an uncomfortable atmosphere). Love, peace, and comfort to all of you as you make the very most of the time ahead.

This will be very hard on you all, and my heart really goes out to you. You have all my prayers and special thoughts. Make the most of what time you have left and create some special memories to hold in your heart. When a person leaves our life suddenly we often don’t have the chance to say goodbye. I hope you have a very long and sweet goodbye.


You might want to check into hospice. You can have a nurse come to your home to check on your mother and they are also there to help your mother and your family prepare for her final days and come to accept all that will happen. I recommend checking into it.



When my dad was ailing, one of my brothers and one of my sisters and I were left with the task of tending to him on a daily basis. The task took a great toll on us physically and emotionally, but Dad always kept our spirits up. One day as I was pouring his “food” into his stomach tube, an air bubble came back through the tube. He looked up at me with an amused look on his face and said, “I burped! Excuse me.” We both had a good laugh (and later I had a good cry.) This bittersweet moment is one of my greatest treasures. Hang in there.


I am a hospice nurse, and I encourage you to look into that possibility. You are welcome to write to me with any questions you may have.