Aprons EVERYWHERE! And Picture of the Day

I have had aprons on the brain lately. I am participating in an apron swap over at MaryJanesFarm, I have about 1001 ideas in my head for aprons I want to make, and it seems everywhere I look – APRONS! They seem to be making a comeback…though I didn’t really know they had gone anywhere. I have always owned/worn an apron. Which is very odd since my mom has only owned one that I can remember…and I made it for her back in the 80’s for a gift. And it hangs on a peg in her kitchen and I am pretty sure she has only worn it once or twice. Now my granny, always had an apron on if she was at home.

I have been collecting vintage/retro women’s magazines for quite a while now. And while I can’t really remember why or how I got started with this collection, until recently the aprons didn’t JUMP out at me like they do now. They were a very big deal! In the 50’s pretty hostess aprons were a must! And really, how did those women get such tiny waists??? I know my mom’s was tiny…I have pictures to prove it. Maybe it was the clothes style too. Those HUGE skirts – what 4 yards of fabric or so??? And the pointy bras!! One ad I looked at this morning was for women’s “foundation garments” WOW – you could get an eye put out by those!! And those tiny little “petal pusher” pants! And an outdoor activity wasn’t complete without a headscarf! Awww…nostalgia. I have such fond memories of my life between the ages of 4 and 8 – for some reason that short period in my childhood is the most vivid in my memory. I think self preservation makes us remember the very good times. I also have some very unhappy memories (as I am sure we all do) but what would be the point in sharing those? All of them make us who we are. Good or bad. Where was I going with all this??? OHHH YES !!~~ APRONS!! Here are a couple of scans –


This is a little cookbooklet I picked up in an antique store we visited yesterday. Along with this one:

Adorable! Most of the pictures inside the first book were b/w photos.

But the pink booklet from Carnation…awww….It doesn’t have an apron but I thought it was lovely. mom1.jpg

I will be posting more later. Even if all the family fun/perfect relationships weren’t as real as portrayed or remembered…it was still a pretty good time in my life.

After finally getting to talk to Husband, I felt like a new woman. I actually had the gumption to get up, get dressed (in a dress no less!) and strike out on a little jaunt. We had a great little trip to the city yesterday afternoon. Just antiquing and back home. We will be going back – Even Little Man (11) had a great time. He said about an hour into the antiquing “I didn’t think I would have fun today but this is great! I love all this old stuff!”.

More later…got some work to do. But I will leave you with a picture of the day from Daughter #3:


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Janice Rehmeyer

I wear aprons also. My favorite one was made by a 82 year old Grandmother. My colections of old aprons hang on the wall for display. Just bought a Apron Book last week to add to my colections of books.

What super treasures you found. I adore the Carnation graphic especially. I must start looking for some of these myself. xoxo

When I was a child and my mother wore an apron, it was always a sign of good things to come! Modern aprons have ‘turned the table’ on old biases–and tying on one of today’s new stylish aprons has made dressing up fun all over again!!! Come visit and see!