National Apron Day is May 14! Wear your aprons with Pride! Plus a GIVEAWAY!

NOTE: About comments…I have my comments on approval. So it may take a while to post. Dont worry I look several times a day! If any of you have had any experience with “unsavory” characters posting comments, you understand this! So happy all you apron wearers are stopping by!!!

I first heard about National Apron Day over at MaryJanesFarm…duh. Where do I get ALL my information??? Anywho, I pretty much wear an apron all day everyday…cept when I run into town. And I have been know to get there and realize I haven’t taken it off! I have a variety of aprons as you have seen on this website. I am finishing up one for an apron swap I am in over on MJF and then I am making one to GIVE AWAY right here on NotQuiteJuneCleaver! All you have to do is leave me a comment between now and Mother’s Day, May 13. I will copy your name onto a piece of paper and put it in a mason jar. On the morning of May 14, National Aprons Day I will have one of the children draw a name. The prize is a handmade apron NotQuiteJuneCleaver Original (always check the pocket for something extra)!

Now here are some buttons I made. Thanks to Patricia over at MJF for the great catch phase!

Have a great day!

And remember: Life gets messy…wear your apron!

vote1.jpg vote2.jpg

Working on more banners!

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I’m a fellow apron-wearer and apron-maker! I love them! Lately, I’ve been sewing linen aprons—I call them my Peasant apron… It’s fun.

I just discovered your blog via ‘I have to say’s blog—I’m so glad I did! I’ll be back…


How super cool! Please enter me! Thanks-Becky


Include me with the tons of other ladies who would love to win! Thank you for a nifty idea!

I love my aprons and am ready for a new one.

Thanks for the contest.

Ah, aprons, the thing that makes my clothes last longer. There’s something about putting on my apron, just makes me want to whip up something tasty! :>)

PLEASE enter me, too! I love aprons and am in sore need~LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

I hope I’m not to late to enter. I’d like to be included in this drawing I just love aprons!

Ah! Aprons. I never think of putting one on when I’m painting. Thus all of my clothes are acrylic-speckled

Thanks for the contest!

Aprons – beautiful and practical. What more could anyone want? I’d love to be entered in your draw.

Mary Ann

How fun, pick me please! For my wedding shower in 1968 my ML made me a dozen aprons, everything form organdy to heavy twill. I still have a few not in use anymore just to have. So for my daughter’s shower and her bf shower I’m having the best time making them a dozen too!

Hilary McDaniel

I just found you today. I must confess, I’ve never had an apron, but it’s one of the things on my “list” to make. Life is so hectic and I can’t seem to get to everything. Of course it doesn’t help that I love reading these blogs. I’ve been a MJ fan since her first mag. issue. I also live on a farm.
thanks, Hilary

I love the aprons…love the idea of a NATIONAL APRON DAY…oh, my, that’d groovy…almost like they are little beings that come alive at night, hopping off their hooks on the kitchen wall and making mischief….

Please add me to your list of names in the hat for winning one 🙂

Thanks for your great blog – I just discovered you!


Came here by way of Randi’s – thanks for this contest – it looks like I’m not the only one who really wants a new apron! 🙂


I just made an apron for a wedding shower gift!

Enter me in the contest.

Have a great day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

What a neat idea! I would love to be added!
Olivia (Peggy’s daughter)

I love aprons! Please can I enter!

Hi, I thought I put my name in already, but alas after scrolling through all 168 previous entries and going cross-eyed it turns out I didn’t. Is it too late to enter?


I have started an apron collection in the past few years and have also begun to collect apron patterns as I come across them. My best find-so far-is a pattern from 1947 that still has the iron-on transfers for the hot dog that goes in the middle of the apron and the dachsunds that stand up on the pockets. I’m 3/4 of the way through embroidering the dachsunds; learning as I go. I’m going to post photos of the project soon.

Oops! I almost forgot to tell you my name 🙂

I just found your blog and I love it! Could you please enter me in your draw as I love aprons!
Thank you!

Carol McQueen

I recently started making aprons – 30 years after home ec classes. Amazing what you remember! Thanks for adding my name to the drawing. Will remember you May 14th & check your website often.

An apron giveaway? How can anyone resist? Thank you for hte post on Natoinal Apron Day. I’ll be wearing mine with pride.


I would love to be entered…you can never have too many! I love this site

PLEASE enter me into your drawing for the apron! I just love aprons and LOVE your site! Just wonderful here!!!! Cora

Oh dear this giveaway was from last year! Sorry!!


I’m an apronista. I wear a apron and, I vote! Please add my name to the mason jar.

I’ve got my apron all lined up for the day! Thanks for the giveaway!


oh I love aprons. They are so important not just for girls but they give me greater confidence when I am doing housework


where can I find a bib (tasha tudor style) apron pattern?

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