National Apron Day is May 14! Wear your aprons with Pride! Plus a GIVEAWAY!

NOTE: About comments…I have my comments on approval. So it may take a while to post. Dont worry I look several times a day! If any of you have had any experience with “unsavory” characters posting comments, you understand this! So happy all you apron wearers are stopping by!!!

I first heard about National Apron Day over at MaryJanesFarm…duh. Where do I get ALL my information??? Anywho, I pretty much wear an apron all day everyday…cept when I run into town. And I have been know to get there and realize I haven’t taken it off! I have a variety of aprons as you have seen on this website. I am finishing up one for an apron swap I am in over on MJF and then I am making one to GIVE AWAY right here on NotQuiteJuneCleaver! All you have to do is leave me a comment between now and Mother’s Day, May 13. I will copy your name onto a piece of paper and put it in a mason jar. On the morning of May 14, National Aprons Day I will have one of the children draw a name. The prize is a handmade apron NotQuiteJuneCleaver Original (always check the pocket for something extra)!

Now here are some buttons I made. Thanks to Patricia over at MJF for the great catch phase!

Have a great day!

And remember: Life gets messy…wear your apron!

vote1.jpg vote2.jpg

Working on more banners!

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I just love aprons! As most us farmgirls do. Thanks so much and have a wonderful week!

Hi fellow farmgirl!

What a wonderful contest to hold. Please enter my name. A girl can’t ever have too many aprons, can she?


Sew much fun! I do adore your aprons — and love the Apron-Vote phrase!! If only the country were run by apron-wearing women. . . . well, we’d be in sweet pickles, for sure! love — katie

I’m a apron fan too and would love to have one of yours for my collection, so please add my name and thanks for the giveaway!!

Mandi Elwood

I love aprons! Hopefully I will finish my first by National Apron Day. I rely on my grandmothers hand-me-downs for now. Those buttons are so great! Thanks for having the drawing!
Mandi aka Threebusybees

Oh please put my name into the drawing. I would love to have one of your aprons. Knewslady from Mary Janes.

Great blog. I would like to be in the drawing, too. thanks. MB

Kathy ktknits

I’m apron deficient, so even though I’m your apron partner, I’d like to sign up for your drawing! Aprons just seem to give that extra little bit of comfort. I don’t know why, maybe it’s remembering my grandmas and great grandma wearing them, so it gives me that link back to them.


Put my name in for the apron…I’m so excited that they are making a comeback!

what a way to celebrate being a farmgirl. thanks so much!

HI!!! This is so sweet of you!!
Yes! please enter me in the drawing for the apron!!


You can never have too many Aprons..
& mine always seem to wander off!!

You are so sweet to do this!!
Yes! Please enter me in your Apron Drawing!


Hey Cutie Susan! I love your blog! Please sign me up! You make the most beautiiful aprons! Farmgirl Hugs! Mima (debi)

Glynnis McCulley

I would just love to be entered in the apron giveaway! I love your blog and I am also a fellow MJ fan.

Have a lovely-apron filled week!

Glynnis =)

Karin Smith

Susan- Please enter my name. :) My DH says I have too many aprons, but I say “If you have too many aprons on your hook, hang up another one!!” ;)



Susan, I would love for you to put my name in your apron giveaway drawing. What a nice thing to do. I have seen examples of your beautiful aprons and I know the lucky winner will have a real treasure.

I don’t have an apron. Now that I’ve got my own little homestead, I sure do need one.


I love it… that more and more women are returning to the simple, basic feminine traditions!

I can see myself already wearing your apron! Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

Victoria Hou. Tx.


Happy National Apron Day!! Please add me to the draw. Love your site too!

I LOVE aprons. I don’t think a girl can have too many so add my name to your contest. Thanks!


I love aprons, and homemade are the BEST! Please do add me to your contest jar! Love your soaps also. Have a wonderful week.


Please add my name in your great give a way. Thanks, Allison

Naomi Michelle

Please enter me…very sweet of you to do this.


Please add my name to your apron giveaway!! Lovely idea… :)

oh, but who WOULDN’T be over-joyed to get one of your aprons!! what a lovely idea…thanks!


What great timing. I have an apron in the works. Please add my name to the list.


One of my favorite memories of my darling Grandma was her wearing an apron every day. Please include me in the drawing. Diane


Love the buttons!! And I love your blog. Hope I win the apron.


Ooh, I would love to enter the drawing, thanks!

I’m over by way of Turkey Feathers. I’m here to enter the give-away. I like aprons too!
You have a lovely blog!


Ummm – a NotQuiteJuneCleaver apron? Sign me up! I think your Mason Jar will be a little too small though!


thanks so much for making this so fun for all of us readers!!!!
what a great idea

I love aprons and I wear mine a lot (messy cook).
Maybe it’s a farmgirl thing!

Janice Rehmeyer

I just love aprons. I have a couple of cutie’s hanging up on display. Just bought a book through Country
Women Magazine about Aprons.
You will see a apron on me while cooking dinner.


Please enter me into the drawing! I love the “posters” !!!

I never win anything-but that never stops me from trying. One of these days my ships going to come in-and I bet it will be via mason jar (just MY style!) Please add my name to the list! ;-)

Rebecca from Renaissance

Tried once, I’ll try again because I am a persistent little buggar.

I would love to be entered into your contest and I would LOVE to have one of your aprons! I never win anything, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. One of these days, my ship is gonna come in and I can’t think of a better way than by mason jar! ;-)

Thanks for your generosity! Love, Rebecca from Renaissance


I love your site. So retro. I do not have an apron of my own, so thanks for the opportunity to try & win one. Please add me.

Thanks Kelly (FarmGirl~K @ MJF)

Woohoo, a day to wear an apron. I’ve got a cute one I made last month that I’ll wear all day :) Yay for giveaway too, I’d love to toss my name in the jar if there’s still room :)


Hi NQJC, lol!
I left you a note (@ MJF) that I would also like to have my name tossed in the mason jar….. like we say , ‘ a gal can never have enough aprons’.
katmom (grace)


I love aprons and cherish the aprons I was given that belonged to my great-grandmother.


Please enter me in your Apron give away…


Ooo ooo enter me. A girl can never have too many aprons, right?

Happy National Apron Day for Monday! I really must get around to making myself a cute apron before then.


I’d love a new apron, please include my name in your mason jar!!! Thanks.

I surfed over from ~vicki’s…and I think I will play along…and post an apron next Monday. Thanks for the heads up on this one!!!!
Puttin’ you on my bloglines…

City girl, apron wearer!

We are messy too!

Marcia Wampler

Love your site! Please enter my name. I’ll be wearing my apron while sitting at my desk at work, on the computer, wishing I was at home, wearing my apron in front of the kitchen sink. Sigh, wish I didn’t have to make a living!!!

Karin Hallberg

Oh, I just LOVE aprons too! Could the National Apron Day please become INTERNATIONAL APRON DAY instead?? I live in Sweden and feel pretty alone in my love of aprons! I hope my name can be added to the jar too!

I read a funny line a little while ago:


I really loved that as I’m the only woman I know of that wears my apron most of the day!


please would you put me in the jar!

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