National Apron Day is May 14! Wear your aprons with Pride! Plus a GIVEAWAY!

NOTE: About comments…I have my comments on approval. So it may take a while to post. Dont worry I look several times a day! If any of you have had any experience with “unsavory” characters posting comments, you understand this! So happy all you apron wearers are stopping by!!!

I first heard about National Apron Day over at MaryJanesFarm…duh. Where do I get ALL my information??? Anywho, I pretty much wear an apron all day everyday…cept when I run into town. And I have been know to get there and realize I haven’t taken it off! I have a variety of aprons as you have seen on this website. I am finishing up one for an apron swap I am in over on MJF and then I am making one to GIVE AWAY right here on NotQuiteJuneCleaver! All you have to do is leave me a comment between now and Mother’s Day, May 13. I will copy your name onto a piece of paper and put it in a mason jar. On the morning of May 14, National Aprons Day I will have one of the children draw a name. The prize is a handmade apron NotQuiteJuneCleaver Original (always check the pocket for something extra)!

Now here are some buttons I made. Thanks to Patricia over at MJF for the great catch phase!

Have a great day!

And remember: Life gets messy…wear your apron!

vote1.jpg vote2.jpg

Working on more banners!

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Such Fun! Thank you for an enjoyable blog!


yes please … oh yes please.
Love aprons, love your blog ( have just found it )

I would love to be entered for a chance to win an apron from you – how lovely of you to offer the giveaway!

I would love to be entered into your drawing! I just love aprons and will be wearing mine with pride on May 14th for sure! :)


I love aprons!


Thanks for the chance to own something pretty!

National Apron Day! Who knew? Well, me now. You can bet I’ll be wearing one of mine.

You’re so sweet to be holding a giveaway! I would love to be included. Thanks!

Oh please add me to this list i so love aprons.

Your aprons are absolute gorgeous and I’d love to be in the drawing if at all possible. I’m from Sweden, but I hope that won’t be a drawback,


How fun! Being a messy person, aprons are a must!


One can never have too many aprons!

I have been seen removing my apron in the grocery store parking lot. Who could not use one more?


Oh, I love to wear an apron while cooking on Sundays!


I recently made my first two aprons. One was a gift for my niece for her 20th birthday (she loves to make cookies) and then the 2nd I had to have for myself! Love your blog.

I would love to enter your giveaway. I love MJF. I started a farm girl chapter for myself, mom, sisters and my daughter. And it turns out that mom and sisters moved away. Right in a neighboring town next to Moscow, ID. So my chapter consists on Daughter and I. LOL

Have a great day!

Tina Kay

OMGoodness! I don’t think I’ve ever signed up for a give-away with so many others before. How fun! I’m thinking of doing my first give-away to celebrate my 100th post. It will still be a while and I’m trying to figure out what the treasure should be. An apron is a marvelous idea for a give-away and I’m sure yours will be beautiful. xoxo

Aprons are always a good thing in the kitchen. I immediately think of my aunt and grandma cooking at Thanksgiving. Then of course there’s my great-grandmother who always wore one of those larger wrap-around aprons (the ones that criss-crossed in the back). She always had a little something in her pockets. Nowadays I find myself grabbing an apron if I’m gonna be in the kitchen for a while. I like your apron/vote motto. Great!

What a fun giveaway. Please add my name.


Please put me in your drawing. I just love aprons.

Diane M

Ohh, National Apron Day? I’ll be sure to wear my apron! Please enter me in the contest and make my strings looonnnnggg (I’m fluffy!!). Thanks.


My new favorite thing is aprons !! I love your web site and would love to be a part of the give a way!!


Please count me in! I love LOVE aprons. :-)


Shirley Bigler

well, with 121 comments, I certainly dont expect to win LOL,
But I hope you have a nice Mothers Day.


You KNOW I love aprons!!!! Please enter me and also enter to win my Cottage Giveaway which is…………you guessed it… apron!!!!!!

I always enjoy your company!

i’m either wearing my art apron or my cooking apron – i have one of each. i think i *need* more don’t you?!! please toss my name in the hat – great website and happy mother’s day!!

I found you from Vicki at Turkey feathers! I love aprons too! I am also a MJF lover and have her mags and her first book- I want the stitching room for Mothers day! Yippee for aprons!!! I am wearing mine all day on the 14th!~

I am an apron wearing mama, quietly learning to be a keeper at home! My favorite apron right now is a wonderful vintage ‘watermelon’ apron – handstitched with love and very sweet! I certainly don’t expect to win your contest, but thank you for celebrating the humble apron!

Hey Susan,
Looks like things are hopping over here. :o ) I just wanted to toss my name in the Mason Jar for an aprom ~ gotta have something to go collect the eggs and veggies with in the yard… and that bread I’m going to get back to baking, gotta have something to wipe my hands on!

Love your blog. Aprons are pretty and very handy. What does it say about the recent past times that they were ever out of style? Thanks.

Count me in, I LOVE aprons!

What a neat blog, too. I’ll be back to read more!

Please oh please put my name in the drawing. I would just love to win one of your lovely aprons.


If I might hop into that mason jar I would!! This is so generous of you! Thanks, Elise


Hopefully your mason jar is one of those big gallon size ones, cause I want room for my name in there too!



I have always loved aprons. It was the first thing my mother ever taught me to sew and I still cherish all the ones my grandmother made me. I would love to be entered into your drawing. I always enjoy your posts. Have a wonderful mother’s day!

Hi!! I would LOVE to enter your giveaway! What fun!

Mrs. U

Oooh, enter me! me! pick me! lmbo. Come see my current contest giveaway as well. bloggy hugs!

National apron day, huh? I’ll be wearing mine!
and I’m thinking that because I’m so far down on the list here, my name should be very close to the top of that mason jar and fairly easy to pull out, don’t ya think?!

Me, too! Me, too! I do need a cute apron. Or any apron at all. Desperately. My dry cleaner completely agrees.

I’d love to win an apron….sadly I don’t even own one!

my clothes would all be stained rags if I did not wear aprons! I pretty much wear one whenever I am home to keep clean while I am cooking, cleaning or crafting.
love your site!

I don’t even have an apron…sniff, sniff. I’ve been thinking about making one, but chasing little ones leaves me little time for sewing these days.

Great blog!!

I keep wanting to buy or make my own apron and have yet to get one. So I thought hey might as well give it a shot. Please enter me.



I loved reading the comments by all and what an apron means to them. To me it meant I was a grown up able to help with the important work of cooking. I have a special apron now that I take out at Christmas–it is with Spode’s Christmas Tree on it. Love it


Guess what? I don’t even own an apron!! But last week I decided that I was going to sew, not one, but one for all of the women in my family for Christmas this year. I found your blog while I was searching for ideas. It is very sweet and so positive and fun to read. I figure if I start now (I am pretty much a novice seamstress) I may get done by December!

Ooohh! I’d love to win an apron!!


I entered the apron contest at Mommy Life a couple of months ago, but didn’t win. So I’ll enter here too! I love my apron, it was my husband’s grandmother’s.
My daughters, 7 and 8, love to wear theirs as well, my mother made them from vintage fabrics found in my grandmother’s attic. Aprons are a family affair!


I love contests.I also do wear an apron especially when baking cookies.Gretting flour all over me is not my idea of fun!!

I love aprons…but I only have one. The poor thing gets worn every day with no relief. Lol. But I love aprons and would not function well in the kitchen or cleaning house without it. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

I love to make, collect and wear aprons! I’ll be wearing one on the 14th for sure!