One More Apron Picture!


When I said in my earlier post this morning that “I have never wanted to do anything but what I am doing” I wasnt KIDDING! This is me at 3…I had a whole “little house” room.  A kitchen as you see, and a living room and bedroom area.  My grandfather built me overstuffed furniture just my size…a sofa, chair and matching end tables and coffee table.  I have pictures I will post another day.  And what made the furniture all the more special…and it was perfect as you will see (and red fabric- even then that was my favorite color!), my grandfather that built it all for me was blind. He even had my grandmother make me a ticking mattress for my doll bed.  He and I were tight I tell you.

Quick funny story: My mom played with me a LOT.  She would be my neighbor and come to my “little house” play room…knocking on the door and coming in to have coffee and visit.  She knocked on the door one day and stepped into a MESS!  I had everything I owned, which was a lot, on the floor.  Not a good housekeeper even back then. So she says “I suppose you don’t have much company.” Meaning my house was so messy no one would want to visit and I certainly wouldnt want to have them see it this way.  To this comment I respond “Oh NO, I don’t.  They say I am too sexy.”  I don’t know where at three or four I  had even heard that!  So maybe I know where my kids get their weirdness!!

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I soooo love, love love your blogs! You are just way too adorable! I just placed my first order for your soap last night! I’m soo excited to try it! I hope you guys go into the apron biz too because if I don”t win one, I’d love to buy one! Many hugs!


Those photos are just too cute Susan and the comment about being too sexy is a riot. I wonder what that little three year old mind thought sexy meant? Thanks for the smiles reading your blog brought to me this fine morning.

This morning marks my first visit to your blog. What a delight to find you! Enjoyed your posts and photos. Practically swooned reading about the kitchen and furniture that your blind grandfather made for your childhood. Sounds amazing. Looking forward to seeing more pictures on this story in particular.

Love the pictures! No wonder you grew up to be an apronista!

I loved these pictures and your narrative! I , too, loved to play house when I was a kid, although I wasn’t lucky enough to have a grandfather that made me a kitchen and furniture…thankfully I had a really GREAT imagination! My gran did make me a lovely doll quilt though, which I treasured. I always wanted to be June Cleaver, or at least live in her house and have all her clothes etc.!