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A Little Humor – and update on my mom

Here are two cartoons Rachel (15) has shared with us over the past few months. You would have to be around my children for a bit to understand their sense of humor. Or better yet around Husband and I…that might explain them a little better. Our children are all very close. And having them all in the house at once can be detrimental to your health if laughing hurts you. They are much like the old casts of SNL without the drugs and alcohol issues. They play off of each other like it is rehearsed. So much of it would get lost in translation, that there is no need to try and share it here. Besides so much of being funny is in the delivery. But I thought you might like a glimpse into how one of the little minds works. If you are a fairly normal person, you might not find them funny at all.

You can click to enlarge.


Sometimes it is very important to find something to laugh about, especially when so much of what is going on in your life is sad. 

Mom went to the pulmonary dr and he didnt want to do the biopsy. No need really. He explained that the bladder tumors are so aggressive and so advanced that he didnt want to put her thru any more than necessary. I respect him for that. Most drs will test until you say NO MORE. She is really okay with it…feeling blessed to have time to get all her affairs in order and being of MORE than sound mind – she gets to visit with her family. This pulmonary dr even mentioned hospice…which I really dont even know what that is. We are just trying to be very positive and keep our chins up. No need to cry and grieve just yet. We want to enjoy our time together having fun…not looking towards what will be some of the hardest days of our lives.


Vintage Apron Giveaway!

On National Wear Your Apron Day I hosted a giveaway of an apron I made ~ plus other goodies. GREAT response! So I said to myself ~ “Self, you bought a dozen or so vintage aprons just a while ago…you shouldnt be so greedy. Self, you should share the wealth. ” So I will! Post a comment telling me why you love aprons, why you need a vintage apron…and I will drag out the BIG old mason jar and add your name. I LOVE these little giveaways!

The drawing will be held on June 10…with it being mailed out in time to wear it on “Wear Pink Day” which is June 23rd. Is that enough of a hint?

If you would like to help promote this giveaway…here’s a button for you! Just link back to me!



I'm a Hufflepuff!

Want to Get Sorted?

a Hufflepuff!

Just thought I would share!  Cant wait for the new book!

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