Rosemary & Thyme ~ and Miss Potter


Have any of you seen this PBS series? It is just adorable. And right up my alley! It is about a pair of amateur sleuths named Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme. They both have weathered personal setbacks and have started a gardening business for a fresh start. All this takes place in a small town in the UK. I love it for that alone!


Yesterday I was telling Husband how much I miss the series as it ended with season 3. He said “Surely they have the dvds. Order them.” “But they are $XXX” I said. “Order them!” So who am I to argue? They are on order. I think the reruns are still shown on some PBS stations so check you local guide. It is worth it!

Speaking of loving all things British – havent see Miss Potter…but it is on order as well.


I think it comes out mid June…CANNOT wait! I dont care if it is cheesy or poorly written or whatever else has been said about it. It promises me to be a beautiful film and besides Ewan McGregor – YUM! And Beatrix Potter is one of my all time favorite authors. Oh…and the sound track…just from the clips I have seen, it is a must have. As soon as it arrives I will take it down to my mom’s and we will watch it together. She will love it too!

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I have not seen Rosemary & Thyme but thanks for the link. What a cute website. I checked my PBS station guide and nothing showing currently but will definitely keep checking as it looks like a really cute show. Anxious to hear your reviews on
Miss Potter as well. Hope you have a blessed day, keeping you and your Mom in my thoughts and prayers.

I don’t watch much t.v. but I will check out this station and try to watch the show.
Have a good one.


Oh, I love the Potter House at Near Sawrey! I visited it back in the mid-80s and took lots of pictures. The Lake District is enchanting — and much which is due to the diligence of Mrs. Potter in seeing that it was preserved from development. She caught a lot of hell for that from less enlightened people, but I raise a cup o’ tea to her memory and say, “Good old girl, ahead of your time.”

Or should that be thyme?

Have you seen the trailer for Miss Potter? I saw it online (I think through yahoo movies or something like that). Looks sooooooo good! Cannot wait to see it, too!

I saw Miss Potter last weekend and absolutely loved it! Will definately be added to my shelve when it comes out on DVD. I haven’t seen Rosemary and Thyme but sure sounds like something I’d like as well. I’ll look for it.

I saw Miss Potter three times in the Cinema and when it came out on DVD over here I bought it immediately and have watched it several times since. I quite simply love that movie. There are not too many movies today that you can watch that have no sex, no bad language, no violence and other crap in them. This has none of those. I smiled, I laughed, I cried and at the end of it I was sorry it was over….You will love it!