Sewing Therapy

So it has been a rough week as you all know. What to do? Sew. Could clean my house. Or work outside. Or read. Or cook. But sewing is my therapy of choice. I just put the finishing touches on the apron for the giveaway! OH MY!!! It “bees” so cute!! We plan on filming the drawing on Monday. And will post a little clip for your enjoyment! So be sure and check on Tuesday morning to see if it worked! And who won! I do have a second and third prize as well! I am just in a giving mood right now. It makes me feel good. So whom ever wins, I am all too happy for you! All THREE of you!

My mom thought might get to come home tomorrow. She is getting over her procedure better than I expected. Hopefully she doesnt come home too soon…then again she isnt here yet either. Tonight, how she rests and all will be a deciding factor too. And after talking to her tonight I really, personally think she should stay another day or so.

Happily, I have some early Mother’s Day gifts to share with you!

This lovely LOVELY Honey Pot was from Hannah, Rachel & Benjamin…how cute is it???


And this OH SO ADORABLE cupcake timer was from Jessica & Jason…I LOVE IT!!!


Back to sewing…this is a vintage apron pattern I picked up in a little antiques store recently…such a find!oldpattern.jpg

and last but not least some pictures of flowers starting to bloom…hydrangeas and a poor pitiful hollyhock that simply refuses to die and continues to bloom the most gorgeous flowers…as sad as the little plant looks it surely is still beautiful!hydrangeas.jpghollyhocks.jpg

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The “buzz” about the giveaway apron “beeing” so cute has got me even more excited. 🙂 Love seeing your beautiful hydrangeas and hollyhocks and what adorable gifts you received, the cupcake timer and the honeypot are adorable. Happy Mother’s Day! Praying that your Mom isn’t discharged before she is ready to come home.
A card is on it’s way for her.

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I’m going through the same thing (sort of) with my dad that you are going through with your mom: my dad has cancer in his lung and liver. We found out only a month ago and he has yet to have a treatment. But even if he has chemo, it is not for a cure. It is to prolong his life by a few months. The doctor says he could live another two years, but chances are that he has less than a year. I’m not really sure how I’m handling this. Some days I’m a total mess, others I’m staunch and stout and can handle anything. I don’t think that there is a median when it comes to dealing with a parent with a terminal illness.

I’ll be praying for y’all.

Oh Susan,

What wonderful Mother’s Day gifts you’ve received. I especially like the honey pot. It’s absolutely adorable. I’m actually a bit jealous because I collect anything shaped like the old fashioned bee skep and I’d love to have one like that to add to my collection. I think that you may have seen some of my collection at my blog before when you were on homesteadblogger.

Anyway, you are one fortunate lady to have been blessed with such lovely things. The flowers blooming in time for Mother’s Day are lovely too.

I’m praying for your mom too and will get a card mailed out for her.

~~Anne….a fellow farmgirl

What fun Mothers Day gifts! They are adorable.
I just planted a couple of hollyhocks today, so loved seeing your beautiful pictures.
Hope you have a wonderful day. You and your Mom are in my prayers…


You were right…….. the cupcake is TOO cute!
And you already know how I feel about that bee hive!!!