Sunny Days Are Here Again!

Guess who woke me up this morning! Yes HUSBAND! He called really early here so his was the first voice I heard this morning. He is fine. As I knew deep down he was. He had his computer at the hotel in Sfax…but no adapter to charge it. He and another man had to go back up to Tunis for meetings with the c ompany who has their company under contract. After sleeping “with his head on a rock” (Tunisia’s idea of a pillow!) this was where he stayed for two days:


The Golden Tulip in the old city (Cathage). He said it was really lovely. And I know the break and a little luxury helped him tremendously.

He sounded good. And not just good to me. He said it has been quite the adventure so far and he has been really busy, as I suspected.

We talked only about 5 minutes since it was the emergency phone. The regular phones and computers should be up and running in a day or so. And then we can really catch up. Amazing how just hearing his voice puts everything right for me. WOW now to catch up from all my wallowing!

I will try to post something useful tomorrow…like a recipe!

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Dear Susan:

My thoughts are with you and your family as you face your Mother’s illness..My mother passed away 23 years ago this month and my mother-in-law passed this Feb.

God be with you and yours..