Things can change so quickly.

Warning: Medical report on my mom…not real graphic but not pleasant either.

I was up sewing yesterday morning when the phone rang about 6 a.m.  My mom calls every morning when she gets up but that is ususally between 8 and 9.  She had been up most of the night passing blood in her urine.  She has had a bit of spotty urine over the past month.  Home health took samples in and there was a slight amount of bacteria (which could have come from the outside not the inside) so she took what ended up being two rounds of antibiotics.  This was not spotty.  This was like a fairly heavy period.  And it was coming out even when she wasnt urinating.  Since I still had my little grandson, I had no choice but to call an ambulance.  And quite honestly, I didnt think I wanted to start off with her by myself since the hospital is over an hour away. I called my son to come get the little man and get Hannah to work and I too Rachel and headed down there.  Little Man’s dad lives over an hour the opposite way so it was about 10 before I left.  Long story short, she is having a cystoscope this morning.  Still no infection when she got there.  I cant imagine that it is anything minor as sick as she got and as fast.  So I will be leaving again in a little while to go back down there to see to her.  Physically she is pretty worn out, mentally she is way better than me!  When they were asking her 5000 questions while admitting her they ask about dementia and I had to laugh.  I said “Not hardly, that would be me!”.  She is still just as sharp as a tack.  I am so thankful for this.  So I will give you a report tomorrow if at all possible.  I am taking my little bag of handsewing and will sit with her most of today.  I can’t go stay all day everyday with children to take care of too.  But my brother and his wife will be off this weekend and will help out.  Hopefully she will come home soon. I suppose that will depend on what they find with the tests.

I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

ON A HAPPIER SUBJECT: LOVE all the interest in the apron!  With all the entries maybe I should have a first, second and third prize!!! Let me think on it.  Anything is possible.  Guess I will have to decide in the next day or so!  And get busy.

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You and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh my take care Susan..your mom (and you TOO!) will be in my prayers!!

So sorry to hear about your Mom, both of you are in my prayers.

I am sending prayers and good thoughts your mother’s way (and to your family, also, as support people in her life).