Update on My Mom

Well, as I suspected it was not good news today.  She does indeed have two malignant tumors in her bladder and a mass in her lung that has to be analyzed and at that time treatment options well be discussed.  My mom is 77 years old and has CPD so her options will be limited.  I appreciate your kind words and prayers.  I will be on and off here for the next few days I am sure.

The apron swap is still a go. I have an apron ready – finished it last night.  I will be in touch very soon.  Thank you again for being here to listen.

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Thoughts and prayers coming your way…

You have my most sincere prayers for you and for your mother. My mother had breast cancer so I know a bit how you feel … very vulnerable and afraid. (((hugs)))


I will keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers…