Vintage Apron Giveaway!

On National Wear Your Apron Day I hosted a giveaway of an apron I made ~ plus other goodies. GREAT response! So I said to myself ~ “Self, you bought a dozen or so vintage aprons just a while ago…you shouldnt be so greedy. Self, you should share the wealth. ” So I will! Post a comment telling me why you love aprons, why you need a vintage apron…and I will drag out the BIG old mason jar and add your name. I LOVE these little giveaways!

The drawing will be held on June 10…with it being mailed out in time to wear it on “Wear Pink Day” which is June 23rd. Is that enough of a hint?

If you would like to help promote this giveaway…here’s a button for you! Just link back to me!


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I love aprons and enjoy wearing mine. It not only keeps my clothes much cleaner but it reminds me to do my work as a mother, wife and homemaker with a joyful heart.
One of my grandmothers loved to bake and garden, and blessed many people with the fruits of her labors. I can’t remember too many times that I saw her without her apron. Unfortunately, when she passed away, her sons got rid of all her aprons instead of blessing their grown daughters with them. I’d love to have a vintage apron that I could wear in Granma’s honor.

I started collecting vintage aprons when I made a great find at a little old ladies garage sale. There were 5 of the most precious aprons in pristine condition. I scooped them right up. I would love to add to my collection any aprons that have character. Looking at the pic on your blog, I’d say your creations definately have character!!

I added a post and will be delighted to be considered in the contest!

Merle Kudla

You are so generous, thank you. Why do I love aprons?? When I wear one I go into my own little world. I put on a little Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Tony Bennett and pretend I am back in time. I turn off the phone and everything else. Funny thing is, my house picks right up on it. My daughters come in and start talking and helping and my sons, when they are home start sniffing around waiting for the “good food”. They will start chatting as well. Everyone ends up in the kitchen and then I feel so blessed.

I probably really don’t deserve one, but I really would love to have one. They make me feel like a real “Mommy, Wife, and Homemaker.”


I LOVE vintage aprons!! I’ve been wanting one for a long time. I really love all things vintage. I currently don’t own an apron and would love this one to be my first! Thanks!!

Ryan @
P.S. No one reads my blog, I’m still new. 🙂

I don’t actually own any aprons but would love a chance to win one. It would be nice to add a bit of class to my normal duties as a mom.

Hi! I love vintage textiles as my grandmother was a seamstress in the 1920’s-1940’s. Later on she could not seam because of illness, though. My mother has a few of her embroidered linen (she was a very perfect crafter), but only one of the party dresses she made (she made haute-couture dresses, which of course went to her clients), and an old, embroidered apron which cannot be worn because it’s very old and damaged 🙁

I only have 2 aprons, modern ones, one really ugly which I don’t like, and a prettier one, a plastic, modern one which is useful but not very feminine. I need a new apron to make me feel like a princess!

I don’t have an apron and I know that my husband would love it if I did wear one…considering I manage to decorate my clothes with all kinds of food products!

How cool of you! I love vintage fabrics, they are so reminiscent of a safer, free-er time. Plus they are beautiful and fresh. A vintage apron would go famously in my vintage kitchen.

I love wearing aprons. They are functional as well as feminine. While I have a few modern ones, I’m always on the lookout for vintage ones. I love vintage clothing and pieces. My wedding dress was from the 1930s.

Just found out about your giveaway and wanted to write that I would love a vintage apron because I only have one (yes, one!) “utility” type apron at this time (beige). Does that qualify me? ha-ha! I would love to wear it while I am canning this summer!! Strawberry jam….blueberry jam…. yum!!


I don’t have ANY vintage aprons. THUS — I need this one to start my collection.

I am starting a collection ya know… I’ve made ONE apron. TOO COOL!!

So if I win this one — I’d have TWO aprons!!

How exciting…

Plus I LIVE in my kitchen — when I’m not in the garden… so I NEED more than one apron — don’t you think?

IN addition to that — I really WANT one! Ü

Enough reason? THANK YOU!

Off to put up the pink link on my blog! 😉

Jennifer (just above) sent me over here…so glad she did…LOVE your blog! 😀
off to post a linky!


OH! I would LOVE to have a “pink” vintage apron ;). I have a really hard time finding aprons that fit me correctly, and I think that a vintage one would be perfect on my small frame. The thought of someone else wearing it, doing some of the same household chores that I will be doing in the apron is so special!
I own an apron that was my grandmother’s (who is not with us) and it warms my heart when I wear it. I will always be thinking and praying for her, and to have another person on my prayer list sounds just like what I need!

Oh, I just LOVE aprons. They take me back to my childhood, spending so many wonderful hours with my grandmother. She always had something special in her pockets, and you just never knew what that might be. She also was always ready to spring into action if there were a crisis. It truly made her apron seem magical, to see her pull virtually anything out of those two pockets in the front!
A vintage apron would mean the world to me, since I lost my grandmother so many years ago. I am trying to keep the apron tradition alive with my daughter and will most definitely do so for my grandchildren, should the Lord decide to bless me with them.
I will try to link to your site.


My aprons are my friends! Some are old, some are faded, some are stained..But they are all faithful!

I feel like a ‘Mommy’ when I put my apron on every morning when I dress. It is a part of me. My kids often make fun of me when I am in the car taking them to places. “Mom, you forgot to take your apron off again!” Yes, I have even worn my apron to church by mistake.

Mary Gilson

I love aprons! I can’t tell you how many shirts I have ruined by splashing stuff on myself while cooking and cleaning! I’d love to be looking pretty in pink!

I would love to be added to the contest and will promote it too.


When I think aprons, I think a sense of femininity, a sense of humilty reminding me to have a servant heart, a sense of a work uniform to keep me diligent but most of all they give me a sense o nostalga and thanksgiving. Aprons remind me they remind me of my Grandma and all her lovin’. It was her who inspired me to be a Mum and a homemaker. She was a lighthouse keepers wife who had to homeschool her 5 children too. Today she has alzhiemers and lives in a high care home. When my Mum brings her home for lunch on Sundays the first things she does is put Grandma’s apron on her apron on her
“Here you go Mum, here’s your apron!”
My Mum doesn’t just do it because she spills her dinner down her front with her shaking hands but because it gives my Grandma a sense of purpose and worth again.
When I think aprons I think of my Grandma standing at the kitchen sink singing hymns as she washs the dishes and my Uncle sneaking up behind her and untying her apron straps, then all the following jesting scolding, fun and laughter

I am officially entering and linking back to you on my blog….

AND I put your fabulous blog on 2Peas:

Love your schtuff woman!!!!

I love aprons because they keep me clean and they’re pretty while they do a dirty job. Aprons save me money because my clothes don’t get destroyed everytime I cook. I love vintage aprons because they’re feminine and evoke a much more “blissfully homey” feel to whatever it is I’m doing. I’m reminded of past generations of homemakers and the love that women have been serving to their families for generations while dressed in aprons. Today’s utilitarian/unisex aprons just don’t “speak” of that love like the older aprons do.

Do I need a vintage apron? Well, I’m down to two aprons, both of which aren’t too terribly pretty and both are incredibly stained because I only have two aprons to bear the brunt of my labors around the home. I would love to have a pretty apron again; something that makes me want to find something more to do so I can wear it a little while longer. Between two little children and a plethora of projects and interests and appointments that require my usual attentions, there is little time to whip up another apron at the moment. *sigh* Can a woman ever have too many aprons?

I guess the pregnancy has gotten in the way of my brains – I didn’t put WHY I wanted/needed a vintage apron.

I remember my gramma wearing them in the kitchen and I wish I could go back in time to her. I like the pretty, feminine look of the vintage apron. I like the soft, delicate fabrics.

But the BEST reason? I don’t have one yet.

Thanks for the consideration.


I want a vintage apron because I hate feeling so masculine when I wear jeans.

I need one because I have a six-month-old with a very weak sphincter. This translates to spit-up, often five or six times before noon.

I love vintage aprons because I am a homemaker and actually use aprons in the kitchen, but also because I love the cut and designs of vintage clothing and fabrics.

They make me think of a time when neighborhoods really existed and people knew each other, and looked after each other’s kids and homes. When people got together with those who lived near them, instead of going to a different area of town, an hour away, because they don’t even know their neighbors’ names.

I love the vintage aprons, because they come from a time when there seemed to be a dignity and beauty in the work of a home. Aprons weren’t just utilitarian, so the job would get done (though they were that, also), but beautifully made, to make the woman look lovely as she did her work. Both the woman and her work were things to be proud of, and were worthy of lovely work clothes.


Wowie! I’m not too late for this am I? I am actually holding a massive apron giveaway right now too (I had no idea about yours!) but of course I can’t really win my own! LOL! So now I have a chance… maybe!


My fondest memories of my mother are of her in the kitchen – cooking and baking – in her apron.

A couple of years after mom passed away – my sisters and I were helping my dad clean out his garage. In a corner, amongst the dirt, dead bugs and cobwebs, I spied a rag of sorts – all crumpled up in a ball. Upon further inspection, I realized it was the very apron I recall my mother wearing most. How it got there, or why – I have no idea. Dad told me I could have it.

So, I took it home and handwashed it. After a minor sewing repair – the apron looked much like I remembered.

I have it hanging in my kitchen – as I am afraid the worn material is too fragile for use.

Every time I cook – I see it. And, I remember.

Perfect timing! I have been trying to find an apron. The only ones I have seen wear plain ugly ones. I want/need an apron because I’m so messy in the kitchen. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try I end up with stuff on my clothes.

I am 48 years old, been married nearly 23 years and have worn my sweet grandma’s (Bigmom’s) old fashioned apron since she died when I was 18. 30 years of wearing, mending and trying to take the best care of her dear apron is starting to take it’s tole. I would love to have an old fashioned apron to take it’s place so that I can hang hers up in a place of honor in my kitchen, hoping that it will last a little longer.

Thanks for the contest.

Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf

Karin Hallberg

I think the reason I love vintage aprons is because all the modern ones (at least here in Sweden where I live – maybe you’re luckier in the US!) are done in a boring unisex fashion. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy one in a store or If you want to sew your own, using a pattern. There’s basically one design made to fit both men and women. If you choose to make you’re own using a pattern you can choose your own fabric, but you’re still stuck with the unisex design. I really like feminine designs as well as fabric choices and that’s why I love vintage aprons!
I have bought a few apron patterns from the US as there’s so much more to choose from, but I still haven’t had time to make a new apron.

I hope I’m not too late to be included in the drawing…


I love aprons! I would love to be in the drawing. Thank You!

Fun! Thank you for running a contest like this! 🙂

I love aprons because I’m a mess haha. I’m all the time spilling stuff, knocking stuff over, wiping my hands off on my pants. Aprons keeps the mess a little more contained 🙂 Oddly enough, it wasn’t until recently that I started to wear and make aprons. I have a few of those BBQ style ones I’ve had for a while, but they’re so stiff and I think I’m too short to wear them properly. Not that I’m short or anything! Just saying.. haha

Then I sewed up a couple aprons and find they’re SO much better. They’re soft cotton and they’re cute so I wear them. My shorts and tshirts aren’t getting stained up on the sides anymore.

I don’t know what to say about why I need an apron. I have other aprons that I’ve made. I feel kind of guilty saying that I “need” an apron. How about this instead, I’d love to win the vintage apron because I don’t have a pink one for wearing on Wear Pink day! I’d wear it with style, even if I left the house. Except for when I’m gardening, I have another one I wear for that.

I love aprons too! I recently opened an antiques/primitives/country goods shop at our farm. Very tiny … I call it a pint-sized shop with 10-gallon dreams. ANYWAY, I have a couple of aprons that I picked up at a flea market and I take turns wearing them in my shop. I love them so much I’ve even started wearing them in my own home. I look cute, the colors cheer me up, my daughters think they’re cute and my clothes stay clean while weeding or cooking. And you know what else? Aprons just make you “whistle while you work” … a wonderful needful thing that should be incorporated into modern society with gusto! 🙂
Love your blog … love reading from all of you other ladies too!

Lanie Friday Maggio-Adkins

Hey, It’s me put my name in, I want that apron.

I love aprons, especially anything vintage. 🙂

Oh, I love anything vintage…and I love wearing an apron when I bake…which is quite a bit. My two standbys are almost ready to be recycled into dishrags or something…I would love to win a vintage apron! :o) Thanks for the fun giveaway!

What a cool idea! 🙂

How fun! Aprons are not just functional, they are fashionable! I love my aprons especially the ones my Grandma made.
I’d love to be included in your giveaway!

Yes please enter me into your wonderful apron give away. I am new to the making aprons and I am meeting a lot of wonderful women. Thank you for your time and wonderful talent.

While it’s my homemaker’s duty
To blend health and thrift with taste,
It’s chocolate, love and apron strings
That hold it all in place

More is sewn into this apron
than rickrack and baste.
My home, my life, my family,
Are invisibly laced
Through the doodads in the pockets
Around a chocolate kiss’s trace.

From the pennies in the pockets
To the fingerprints near the waist,
It winds around the stitches
and is happily encased
When measuring spoons are tinkling
At a sweets-filled embrace.

But, Susan, my favorite, beloved apron
Has a hole ~ it is disgraced.
And by winning this contest,
It could be replaced!

HA! So, Susan! I pulled up your blog by unusual means and saw this contest. The kids and I are on a poetry spree today and this one just flowed right out. Too darn bad the contest has been and gone and done since June! Serves me for not checking the date!

Ah, well, I guess maybe I’ll save it for the next one!

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