An Apron A Day…

You know how I have said about 973 times that sewing is my therapy??? Well I have to say I have met my match!  Mini Aprons!  Yikes I am all thumbs!  See my farmgirl friends from MaryJanesFarm sent my mom and I the most adorable mini aprons along with their prayers and well wishes, cards, notes, poems…I tell you Farmgirls are AMAZING!


Arent they just the cutest things you have ever seen!!??  Well…long story short, we are doing an mini apron swap over at MJF and I never knew how much LOVE was put into each one my mom and I received until I started making the ones for the swap.  They are due on July 31 and at the rate I am going, I will be cutting it close!  Every time I have to rip a stitch or resew something I think of all the work and love that was sent along to me and Mom.  If any of you farmgirlfriends read this…THANK YOU AGAIN.  You are all so thoughtful AND talented!  But after this I think I shall stick to sewing life sized aprons! 

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Those are the cutest! Can you tell me exactly how tiny they actually are? My girls would love to have some of those hanging in their rooms. (I would probably love them more!)


P.S. Also, are you using a pattern, or making your own, or shrinking a normal-sized pattern?

hang on and I will put something up to explain mine I am making a little better. And will give you measurements.

Oh, toooooo cute! It’s funny how small things can often be harder to make than big things. Maneuvering (sp?) those teeny-weeny seams, wow!