Coffee is on the way!

I have the beans ordered for my signature coffee. I just got the ship notice moments ago. It will be the first thing I add back to my “shoppe”. Now when I will have the “shoppe” up and running is anyone’s guess! But if you are a coffee drinker like myself, and are interested in knowing more…stay tuned. I have several irons in the fire – web shoppe work, finishing Book One of my cookbook series – Pies (I have only been working on this for 10 years!), designing a bag that will be for sale (think, patchwork, stripes and chicks), designing the first of many aprons that will be in the shoppe and then getting to the making of them, making soap for a couple of local special orders, cleaning out school stuff and seeing what I need to buy for next term, working with Rachel on some baby clothes designs (she doesnt really know she is helping me yet!) for a future line of baby items. AND finishing up a fairly large project I have been working on for some time now (previously mentioned MaryJanesFarm items), make mini aprons for a swap, one full size apron for a swap, keep an eye on the garden, get my shoppe at home cleaned, organized and the shelves stocked…is that enough? OH everyday things like seeing to my mom, my kids, my cats and our garden. That’s about it…I think. All this to say…I will be announcing my shoppe re-opening very soon.

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Oh, I’m very excited to hear more about your signature coffee. I can almost smell it brewing now…and a cottage pies cookbook? I probably need that too! Sounds like you’re a very busy woman these days.

Want to know your secret on how you can fit everything you do into one day. I’m still trying to do things that was to be done 3 weeks ago. (might help if I stayed off of the computer, you think)
Can’t wait to see what all you will have to offer.
Have a good one.

I dont get it all done…are you kidding??? I am just VERY prone to do the things I WANT to do!!! And schooling being over helps. Plus I have a whole month at the time that my husband is out of the country so I have to fill my days and nights with projects and sewing and such – it is better for me to be TOO busy than sitting around pining! Granted when he is home, he is really HOME…does most of the cooking and much of the work. But you will notice there are days that you wont hear from me because I am busy doing things, going places with him when he is home. But please dont ever think I have my ducks in a row…most days my poor ducks are scattered to the ends of the Earth!!