Last Day for Entering the Vintage Apron Giveaway! Plus Picture of the Day!

Just a quick reminder!  Today will be the last day to sign up (by leaving a comment after the original post) and we will conduct the drawing tomorrow…followed by an announcement and picture of the prizes!  Thanks to all of you who have shared your sweet memories with us.  Isnt it funny how some things just tug at our heartstrings.

Rest assured just as soon as this give away is over, I will be hosting another one…this time think “coffee”! I have decided to do a series of giveaways…mainly because I just love doing this!  I think I will begin the next giveaway by calling the subsequent giveaways “A Few of My Favorite Things” Giveaways from NotQuiteJuneCleaver.  How does that sound?  So you ask, what are a few of my favorite things??? Coffee, teacups, cupcakes, fabric, aprons, vintage ads…lots of cool stuff!  So stay tuned, sign up for notifications, sign up for my yahoogroup , add me to your favorites or bookmarks…whatever it takes to remind you to visit me often!

I really am getting my webshoppe back together.  It is just a slow process.  I do have my actual shoppe fairly clean and ready to restock shelves.  Now, what to carry??? Still open for suggestions.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Stay cool, relax…Monday will be here soon enough!

Picture of the day:

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Beautiful picture! The contrast of the pick and green is fabulous and something to stare at while sipping a nice, hot cup of joe. I love the idea of your favorite things giveaway…………………..I would be silly not to! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that someday/sometime I will win.

Thanks for the birthday wish for E-Bean. She had a great day. Oh, and I secretly wish for a V-reversal for hubby just so we could always have the door open to more kiddos. Financial responsibilities weighed heavy on our decision to make the snip and I have been sorry ever since. Nice to hear a story where reversing the procedure worked so well! Congrats! Oh, and I just love, love, love your blog. I visit almost daily and am so excited when I see new posts!

I love your blog…so inspiring! I have so many beautiful vintage pieces from my g’ma and g’g’ma…this blog made me want to dig them out again.

I really love this photo of the pretty hydrangae. I have been taking lots of pictures in my yard lately, too. This has to be my favorite time of year!

I’ll be back! -kate : )