My New Wellies!

Okay so they arent actually “wellies”…they are my pretend, very pretty, very ME rain boots!  I ordered them this morning.


I need them NOW.  It has rained and rained and rained.  Very unusual for this month of June but welcomed.  As long as it rains I can cross one thing off my list of things to do…watering the gardens.  Not that I mind…but that is just one more thing to remember.

My mom has had some pretty rough days lately.  Beginning to feel weaker I believe.  Just not ‘up to snuff’ as we say.   She is beginning to have trouble with staying up for long periods of time.  But her friend P came and visited for a long while yesterday afternoon and they talked children and grandchildren and great grandchildren so she had a pretty good day all in all.

So…I am getting my hair “trimmed” next week.  It is hard to believe that a year ago my hair was long to the middle of my back.  Thinking back now…it was YUCKY!  I am far far too old for long hair.  I am seriously considering a pixie cut.  Yep…back to the olden days when I had super short, cutsie hair.  Kinda like..

.keri_russell_1.jpg or n1rywl.jpg

Not that I look anything like either of these lovelies…my face is CONSIDERABLY rounder.  And older.  My hair is about as curly as picture one and the color is very similar to Natalie Portman’s, with quite a bit of grey added in for character.  So I have until Wednesday the 27th to decide what to do.  Snip snip I would imagine.  My hair dresser will be thrilled…he LOVES to cut short hair.  He’s been trimming my locks since c1982.  I tell you he is a genius with the hair.

This next couple of weeks  are going to be CRAZY.  My little niece will be here for the week…she is 9 months younger than Benjamin.  They have such fun together.  They love LOVE love to do cooking shows.  Rachel films and edits.  I will try to post some soon.  Monday I have a dentist appt.  Tuesday…nothing extra YET…Wednesday is eye appts and shopping in the city…Thursday Orthodontic appt for Rachel,  Friday…Saturday…Sunday…Monday Mom’s dr appt, Tuesday…Wednesday Hair cut….then time will be zipping by and The Man will be home on the 5th.  We agree staying busy helps so much with the long separations.

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Rain…….blessed rain!! We need some!! 😮 The once beautiful green grass that I have is now a lovely shade of dead. My gardens…we won’t go there!

I love the first picture. I have seen several older women with that sort of cut with curly hair and gel in it. It always looks so becoming.

I adore the new boots!!! Cute!!
I always get itchy to cut or change my hair in the winter for some reason..but since I am past that again this year I am okay with my real long hair again. I tend to screw mine up when I get that winter itch. Better to put thought into it like you are rather than get it cut the day I first think about it like I have! You will be cute as a button with any hairstyle at all I bet!!!


I think your new pretend Wellies are adorable.
The short haircut sounds perfect especially for this time of year, HOT! I too have grey for character I hear it’s the “in” thing to do, haha. I hope you will consider posting a pic so we can see the new do. Sorry to hear that your Mom is having some rough days, I am keeping her in my prayers.