Picture of the Day: Hollyhocks

Here’s pictures of my hollyhocks.  They have grown HUGE this year!!



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My, they are big but beautiful.
Have a good one.

They are absolutely gorgeous!!!


Hollyhocks are high on my list of favorite flowers and your’s are beautiful.

AH, Gorgeous! I’m still waiting for a little bit of sunshine so mine will grow higher than 3 feet this year! It’s coming ~ I can feel it…

Oh my! How pretty! I didn’t know they grew so tall. Thanks for sharing these beauties.

They are so pretty! I just love hollyhocks..mine are sort of stunted looking this year, but I still love them. I love the color of yours!

how very nice! so very pretty. love that color!
hope you are having a good day. have a good weekend too. love your blog.

Beautiful, Susan!! Perfect for making hollyhock dolls with. 🙂

Wow, gorgeous!! Just a quick question, what camera do you use for the close-ups? My little Canon just went out (error E18) ughh! So hopefully down the road we can get a new camera. Thanks for the photo, it’s beautiful!

Our camera is a Kodak Z612…and I love it!


love your hollyhocks- I live in Mississippi (central) please share growing instructions