Tagged! Things that make me think of The South…

hmmmm….Karin you stinker…My mind is blank…let me see…

Fried Food…anything…fish, chicken, cornbread (yes, we know how to fry cornbread), Twinkies, Snickers…not making this up!

The Mighty Mississippi – a sight to see I tell you!

Little Country Churches – you can drive miles and miles and not see another living soul…not a house, not pass a vehicle but you will have passed no telling how many churches!

Sweet Tea – different from what most people think of as tea.  This is more like a thin syrup!!! I personally drink my tea unsweetened…yes I am a traitor!

Y’all – Y’all come on in!  I will call y’all later.  Where y’all from? Where y’all go to church? What y’all fixin’ to do?

Two seasons: Summer which lasts about 360 days a year and Autumn…the other 5.

Having been 10 before I saw snow.

Kinfolk.  I am constantly amazed at how many people are actually kin in my little town! Not to me!  I am not from here!  Not to my husband, he isnt from here either.

Going barefoot.  Even to town every now and then!

Running the air conditioning more on Christmas Day than not!

How many times in my life I have heard people referred to as Yankees.  Are you kidding me??? What year is this?  I have a dear friend whose mom is from WAY UP North and they swear people have made comments about her being a Yankee!  I think her accent (I don’t have one you know!! HAHA) is adorable.  And by the way most people around here (not me!) believe you canNOT claim to be from the South if you live anywhere North of Shreveport, LA, West of the Sabine River or East of Alabama – People that live in Florida are Floridians not Southerners, and people from Texas are simply Texans, and folks living in Arkansas are Yankees!

STRONG coffee.  No kidding.  You couldnt drink my grandma’s coffee out of a plastic cup…it would eat through! And all her coffee cups were stained on the inside!

Rice with about every evening meal.  But NEVER with sugar and milk for breakfast like my grandpa from West Texas…are you kidding me..YUCK!

I am tagging  Kim, MikkiJo and Bridget… have fun girls! Just post a list of things that remind you of the South…even if you have never been here…I know you have an opinion!

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Wow, thanks for the tag!! This is a thought provoking one 🙂 Have a great weekend.

Okay, you forgot, ELVIS!!!!!!!lol
Have a good one.

you can blame me in a round about way..I tagged Karin then she tagged you. ya know we forgot the names like “Bubba”, and words like chewing tabaccy, and redneck, and coon dogs
but about the rice with milk and sugar..I like that stuff and also like grits with milk and sugar.. lol ah well, and I never knew about that Florida stuff..I have always been called a Southern gal..born and raised in Florida..ha. ahh well. and yep..ya’ll come on back ya hear? lol