Busy Busy Day!

Today Husband leaves for work again.  We will take him to the airport around 2, I think.  I cannot believe it is time for him to go back.

I have a few more recipes in the process…needing to proof read.  So I will do my best to get them up in the next few days.  Here’s the thing…Husband never has an actual piece of paper or book.  He sees something he thinks sounds/looks good but he adjusts it to the point that I cannot use the recipe he first looked at to let you in on a great dish.  It might resemble the original but not enough!  He cooked a wonderful dinner yesterday.                                meal1.jpg
A whole fried turkey breast, smoked tomato and chirizo risotto, green beans/mushrooms – delish as usual.  More recipes for me to type up!  I will get some more typed tonight when I return from delivering him to the airport and am up and waiting by the phone to hear ” I’m in Paris.”…”I’m at the hotel in Tunisia.”   Have a great Monday!

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Prayers for safe travels.

How often does your husband have to travel?



I hope he has a safe trip.