Farmhouse Blend Coffee!

Amy B asked if she could buy the Farmhouse Blend Coffee online…yep you sure can!sfkbanner2.jpg

Follow the link above and then when you arrive at my web shoppe, in the menu to the left will be a link to the Farmhouse Kitchen page…let me know if you have any trouble finding it!

So glad you are enjoying it! Told you it was delish!~

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Hi Susan, Junebug here from MJF forums, I had no idea you made your own blend of coffee too, I was wondering if you had samples to try? The reason being, I’ve tired other coffees online and had to buy a bag and ended up not caring for it, with the whole bag left over after one pot, so I’m a little leary, but would love to try yours? If not, completley understandable, just thought I’d ask. Your blog just keeps getting better and better each time I visit!