Gentle Reminder…

Wednesday is the “Give A Little Love” drawing.


OOOO and I have to tell you what I ordered for Husband for our 30th anniversary…very cheesy, sappy, great, unique gift. Thank goodness he doesn’t read my blog!  I ordered him a framed photo of the night sky, over the town we were married in, on the night we married.  And the caption says And they lived happily ever after.” ~From: Your Lobster. FYI: lobsters mate for life.  I know, I know.  But I think it is perfect.  We really had intended, sort of, to consider meeting in Paris on his way home but my mom’s condition just wont let me plan that.  I really dont know if we will go anywhere.  He is wanting to go away for a weekend, but a lot can change in a month and we just can’t plan at this moment. 

Also, will be posting a quick giveaway for August 14.  MY BIRTHDAY!!! #48!! I will get that info up after the LOVE drawing.  Just think of something that reminds you of birthdays…more later…gotta get rolling! 

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Wow, our birthday’s are almost on the same day. Mine is the 13th! I think the gift you have for your husband is wonderful! Very romantic and thoughtful!

Sheryl from Michigan

I think your gift to your husband is great.

I will be 48 in October myself. Where or where has all that time gone?

Blessings to you!