Happy 4th of July and The Winner of the Coffee Giveaway is…

As I promised when I got my first cup of coffee this morning, I would draw a name out of my well appointed mason jar. The winner is Comment #8! Amy B! Send me along your address and I will get this right out to you! I told you it wouldnt just be coffee! You will receive a 6 ounce bag of my Farmhouse Blend Coffee Beans, a Farmhouse Kitchen Candle (yes, I made it), A copy of MaryJanesFarm magazine (be sure and look on page 32!) and a bag of Gourmet Popping Corn (my favorite!)


I hope you all have a relaxing holiday planned (those of you in the USA that is!) It looks like rain for us! Like it has been for what seems like weeks now. You should see our yard…the grass is so high and too muddy to mow! I have got to get out to the garden as soon as it is daylight…


and pick tomatoes! There are tons of them.

We have a holiday meal planned with our friends the “Michelles” . Both of our husbands come home tomorrow – her’s from the Gulf, mine from Tunisia. We have big plans to cook hot dogs (DUH- its 4th of July), get in the floating lounge chairs and let the kids swim in their pool. BUT…I just bet we cook hot dogs and watch it rain.

Michelle, her girls and her Mom, came out yesterday afternoon and brought a delicious pound cake, fresh fruit and visited with my mom, me and my kids. Mom enjoyed the visit so much. I made the lovely Latte Punch and we laughed and visited all afternoon. The kids had a blast playing Scattergories & Clue. Michelle has been through a lot with her mom having breast cancer (thankfully she is cancer free and looks and feels great!) so, she knows how hard all this is on everyone and how important it is to take time to visit and be with each other.

Our families spend a lot of time together, and now that our husbands will be home a couple of weeks a month at the same time, we will spend even more time together I am sure. In fact, we have a big date night planned – just the four of us – dinner and maybe a movie.

OH…and before i forget…I did get my hair cut…MUCH! I love it. Short and sassy…and so much less trouble. My hair is so curly and unruly when it is long! Plus…I honestly think it makes me look old and tired! And we dont want that now do we???

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Congratulations Amy.

Have a great day today, and I hope you are rain free.

Oh my!!!!! I never win these things! I am sitting here now, drinking my coffee and sewing a button on a 4th of July dress I made my daughter. Oh my, oh my. What a great start of the day you have made for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Um, how do I get you my address without publishing it here?