My latest kitchen stuff…

You know I love whimsical things…like my mailbox numbers Husband made me. LOVE black iron things. And brooms…whimsical brooms that is.

Here are a couple of my latest finds…


The broom I found online…cant locate the website right this minute but will post it later. I bought the one piece flatware at World Market to see how it did in the dishwasher…cause, well, as much as I loved it, if it didnt stand the dishwasher test I would just forget it.  But I am very happy to report it did beautifully!  So Saturday, I will be purchasing the whole set.  Maybe start out with service for 8 and then get another service for 8 later on.  You know our family is big!

I will try to get my Curry & Naan recipes from last night posted later today but it maybe the weekend.   LOTS to do today.  And Mom is not doing too well at this time.  She is beginning to have much discomfort.  Things are changing with her condition.  Not drastically but I see subtle changes daily.  I will keep you posted.

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Oh, my goodness! I have that exact same broom hanging up next to the calendar in my kitchen. How funny that we’d have the same broom and hung by our calendars. I bought mine at a top notch folk art show years and years ago. I wonder if the same man made yours?

I love both the broom and the spoon alot!!!
I got such a cute hand painted broom from my sis in law (sort of Mary Engelbriet looking) for a gift while we were out in April. I will have to post a picture..someone she works with paints them.
I am dying for new silverware..and LOVE what you picked. We don’t have world market around here that I know of..maybe up north..but I will have to look for something like that..perfect!!


I DO like your finds, sorry about your mom, praying for her here…

Very fun pieces!

What a great broom. I also love your new flatware. I need some, but haven’t taken the time to find any.


Susan, I’ve had that flatware pattern for ages! I got my first two place settings at Pottery Barn about 20 years ago, kinda pricey (thus only the two settings). It’s a little more rustic than the package of 8 settings I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond about 10 years ago at a much better price. I absolutely love it. It goes in our dishwasher just fine, although I notice that if I’m not careful to be sure it’s really dry before I put it away, a little bit of podery rust will setting in the “maidenhair fern” curl. It washes right off, though; not a problem. Dinner guests enjoy it and always comment on how unusual it is. Look for the serving pieces, too. They come in handy at big dinners, since almost nothing else really “goes.”


Sorry for the typos above, ladies. “Podery rust will setting in” should be “powdery rust will settle in.” I’m not sure if that was puzzle-outtable.

BTW, I make round (“witchy”) brooms with scotch broom that grows like weeds around here and, for handles, whatever branches I happen to find on the property that are the right size. I used to bind them with honeysuckle vine, until that stuff (the invasive Japanese variety) became the bane of my farmgirl existence and I declared war on it. I use good strong hemp twine now, which holds up much better anyway. They last about a year, with more or less “ceremonial” uses. I love yours! Very beautiful. Isn’t it funny how so many of us find we own the exact same things? Feels cozy.

I love it!! And I want to see more of your kitchen, looks like a perfect example of a country kitchen from the old issues of Country Living maybe?