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Better Get Your Name In!

Tomorrow is the coffee giveaway! So if you havent left a comment here -you better do so today! Tomorrow morning I will fix my own coffee and then draw for yours! You know there wont be just coffee in the package – a little extra something I know you will love!

Dont forget to scoot over to my website and check out my new page Susan’s Farmhouse Kitchen. I will be adding more things soon. And I am taking orders for aprons if you are in need. It is possible too, I will be adding some vintage aprons for sale.

It was an insane weekend around here…busy, busy, busy! MaryJane needed 60 half dozen egg soaps and WOW have I been a busy hen!!! They are adorable and will be available on her website very soon! These 60 half dozens however were a very special time sensitive project so I have been hittin and gittin!


I cannot tell you have excited and honored I am to be doing products for MaryJanesFarm – if you dont know this wonderful place, this amazing woman…get thee to her website!!

That’s all this morning. I will be tied up all day today – holiday tomorrow…though I do believe will will miss the swimming part due to weather. I will do the drawing in the morning, announce the winner and get the package off Thursday. I may be a little scarce for the next few days. Husband flies home Thursday night. With all the goings on in the world, I am a bit more nervous than usual. I just have to believe he will be safe.

See you all tomorrow with the big coffee announcement!

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