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Good Morning!

I’m back. It is a lovely, rainy Saturday here.


I will spare you the details of my surgery for fear of boring you. I would actually have to make up something in order for it to be an interesting story. I do have a couple of bits that might help you if you are considering this or any other surgery or procedure that will land you in a hospital for more than 24 hours. These are pertaining to hospital stays in general.

  1. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. We all know this but it especially pertains to a situation where you can be ignored or forgotten if you are too compliant. As I “came to” in the recovery room, the first thought in my head was we are not going to repeat my stay when I had my hysterectomy. I WILL NOT stay in here 6 hours. THEY WILL MOVE ME TO A ROOM. So that was my goal. To see just how fast I could aggravate them into finding me a room. Now I realize it is not the nurses in recovery who call the shots and I realize it is their nerves I was getting on, but nonetheless, it was my tummy with four new puncture wounds and I wanted to be treated like I was the only one there. Selfish? Yes. Proud? No. Effective? Absolutely. So they kept practically screaming at this poor moaning man next to me to use his pump, meaning the morphine pump he was hooked up to. USE THE PUMP. USE THE PUMP. Which by the way was getting on my nerves. So I say “HEY! Where’s MY pump.” I am told I don’t NEED a pump. HUH??? How do they know? So everytime they yell at him to USE THE PUMP. I yell back “IF I HAD A PUMP I WOULD USE IT!”. So long story short, I stayed in recovery about 45 minutes. Granted I didnt get a real room straight away, but I was moved back to a day surgery room where I could be with my husband and son.
  2. When the doctor tells you that you can have something to eat besides jello after having not eaten a morsel since the night before at 7, and the nurse tells you she will go order you some breakfast and it will be right up, follow up on that. Finally I crawl out of bed, husband asking me if I want him to go check on it, me saying NO, I will go…here I traverse down to the nurses station on my floor. I stand there for about 15 seconds when the woman finally looks up. I say “Hey, where is the kitchen?” She says “On the first floor, why?” I say “Because I am going down to make myself some eggs and toast.” All this time I am thinking to myself I am probably really close to getting a psych consult. “You cant do that!” she says with this look of panic on her face. I say “Fine, then you better find out where the ones you ordered AN HOUR AGO are. And they best not be cold.” I am not happy when I am that hungry. Oddly in about 5 minutes my breakfast arrived. Nice and hot. Just like I like it.
  3. When the doctor comes around and tells you that you may go home and the nurse will be around in about 30 minutes with your prescriptions and papers to sign. WATCH THE CLOCK. After an hour has passed. Walk down to the nurses station AGAIN. Demand they take the heplock out of your hand. The same heplock you told them you didnt need because you would not be needing any intravenous drugs. If you stand there with a look of sheer anger on your face, they will immediately, at the nurses station, take it out. Then you very firmly tell them if they are not in your room with a wheel chair by the time you get your shoes on, you will walk yourself out, they will get their butts in gear. “But your prescriptions” they say. To which you reply “I will ask Dr. B to call them in when I call to tell him how long I had to wait to be released and how long I waited for food.” Just be sure to walk close to the wall because they might run you over with the wheelchair in order to beat you to the room.

Now, if you are a healthcare professional I mean no disrespect whatsoever. I could not do your job. I can tend to people I love all day long. But not strangers. NO WAY. For the most part everyone that entered my room was very sweet and kind, but they need some lessons in using their time more effectively. NO way it takes 1.5 hours to order an egg and piece of toast. NO way it takes over an hour to walk 50 feet with a prescription and one paper for me to sign. There was almost no one else on my wing. I looked as I walked down. All the room’s doors were swung open and the beds were empty. So NO excuses.

Hope these little hints help you.

I am happy to be home, though food is not settling very well with me. Dr. B told me to eat bland for 4-5 days…I dont know what I thought that meant but pork kebabs are not bland, in case you were wondering. So I spent most of the evening in the bathroom kinda ill. I suppose I will get out my dictionary and be sure I know what exactly bland means before I eat anything else. But, the kebabs were DELISH!

I am going to be working on all the recipes I owe you. May put them all in one post. Wonder about beginning a little file somewhere on here where you could click on a word file and print them out if you want…hmmmm have to work on that too.

Have a great weekend. Husband is making steaks for everyone (but me) today. I am having a baked potato ONLY. I figure bland may also pertain to the color of food, so I am not taking any chances.


I am back home…

happy to be. A bit sore around my tummy but pretty good otherwise. Thanks for all your well wishes – I will be back on soon!


Today is the big day.


Bye, bye gall bladder.  I think I won’t miss it!  As my friend in France told me, this should be a cake walk.  I expect it to be.  After four c-sections and an abdominal hysterectomy, this shouldn’t be any big deal. I will be back home tomorrow morning sometime. Hannah is holding down the fort while we are at the hospital.  By the way no particular reason for the picture above, it just made me happy this morning so I thought I would share it.

I think I shall ask the surgeon this morning if he might check for any other  superfluous organs while he is in there so we don’t have to do this again any time soon.

I will be back to posting this weekend I hope.  I am still doing the drawing on the first so if you haven’t done so, check it out.

Thanks for all your well wishes. Talk to you all very soon.

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