Recipe of the Day: Susan's Pot Roast

Gill from Norway (yep, NORWAY!!) wanted the pot roast recipe…here you go! Complete with pictures!

I used a eye of round roast. About 4 pounds for our family. It was a very lean cut of meat…not my favorite but I knew Husband would like it. You will also need ground cayenne pepper, a large white onion, salt and black pepper to taste, plenty of fresh garlic, fresh carrots and potatoes…whatever is needed for your family – or whomever you are serving.

Here’s how I make a roast:

Preheat your oven to 325. Be sure your roast is completely thawed. You will need 8-10 gloves of garlic, one large white onion and ground cayenne pepper. Be sure and pour some pepper into a ramkin or small bowl, you dont want to contaminate your pepper shaker by dipping a meaty knife in it! Discard your left over pepper when finished. DUH!


Stick your very sharp paring knife into the roast and make Xs. Cut your garlic into strips that will fit in the Xs. Use all the garlic, which will make about 20 Xs


Then dip your knife in the cayenne pepper and stick the meat – say 20 or so times.

Put just enough oil in a skillet to coat the bottom and heat it for a few moments…of course not TOO hot…dont want a fire! Then place your roast in it, turning and browning it on all sides.


Remove it and place in in a roasting pan with a lid -spray both pieces with cooking spray. Slice your onion into fairly large pieces and saute in remaining oil in skillet just until becoming transparent. Add to the roasting pan.



Add 2 cups water to roaster. Cover and place in your preheated oven and cook for 2 hours. Check periodically to be sure it hasnt dried out. Scrub fresh carrots and new potatoes (these are from our garden…arent they beautiful!?) and set aside.


When your roast has been cooking 2 hours, add your carrots and potatoes. Salt and black pepper to taste. I just snip the ends of the carrots and put the potatoes in whole. If you have to use larger bought potatoes, cut them into 2-3 inch pieces…same for bought carrots. Cover again, return roaster to oven to cook an additional hour or until potatoes are done – not mushy…still firm but cooked through. There you have it! Easy as pie! Oh heck, you need a pie recipe too! Maybe later in the week!


YUMMY!!!! We had this for supper tonight (with biscuits) and it was great!

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Looks wonderful. You really go all out for a roast.

I just get a chuck roast. Chop my carrot, potato and onion put in the bottom of a crock pot, plop the roast over top, sprinkle with a packet of onion soup mix……no water at all, and cook on high for about 4-6 hours.

My favorite cut for roast is a bone in shoulder roast. Best flavor in my opinion. Just hard to find one big enough for my family. Husband uses the crock pot way more than I do. He does this brisket recipe where he smokes/grills it for a while and then slices it and puts in the crock pot – with who knows what???? But it is a favorite. Guess I need to get him to write it down for me.


mmmm yum pot roasts aren’t that popular here, the most I do with a roast is put it in my crockpot marinating away for the day while I’m at work 🙂

Oh my YUM!!! My husband will totally love this, he is a garlic and cayenne NUT.

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