Sunday at Rose Cottage


I woke up this morning wanting some of my granny’s fried chicken. That isn’t happening since she died in 1982. I have never eat fried chicken like my Momma Tom. I loved to go to her house. My Daddy Tom played endlessly with me outside. Then we would go in, Momma Tom would bathe me in a wash tub (they didnt have a bath tub) with Dove soap and then Daddy Tom and I would sit in the “sitting room” and look at National Geographic while she cooked us up some grub. If I got hungry before meal time she would put a piece of white bread on a saucer and pour some fig preserves over it. Delish! So…anywho. I am frying chicken today. I decided to buy pieces since no one eats the thighs and boney pieces. But I didnt want “chicken tenders” or “strips”. I want a real honest to goodness piece or two of fried chicken. Buttermilk battered, golden brown. With rice and gravy, some fresh corn on the cob and some homemade rolls. I know my owing recipes is getting tiresome, but I really am going to catch up. Think I might post a chicken fryin’ tutorial tomorrow. Rachel (if she gets through with Harry PotterÜ) will do the photos for me. For dessert I will whip up a “from scratch” coconut cream pie. But before all that cooking starts…I will get my dough for my rolls made and then Husband and I are finally going to watch Miss Potter together. I have seen it. But wanted to share it with him.

Have a great Sunday and eat something good!

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Sounds like a delicious meal! I wish we could get good corn on the cob over here, but what they sell for corn on the cob here is what went for cow corn back home! UGH! I love the movie Miss Potter. (especially since we spent our holidays last year in the Lake District) I saw the movie three times at the cinema and then I bought the DVD and have watched it twice at home, and just recently when we flew over to my mom’s in Canada for a couple of weeks guess what the movie was they were showing on the flight over???? You guess it, Miss Potter!!!!! I was a happy bunny to be sure! Looking forward to the fried chicken tutorial!

sounds like a good meal. yum.


I’m looking forward to your fried chicken lesson!

It sounds like you will be having a great dinner tonight. Especially the made from scratch coconut cream pie!


Ok…… now I am hungry. I thought I would pop by and look at the cookies you were telling me about today. They look yummy.
Hey, don’t forget to watch Next Food Network Star tonight!!
Talk to you soon,


mmm fried chicken, I feel hungry now!

Had a hankering for some of it myself yesterday. Great minds! Must get your recipe for it and also the biscuits, gravy and pie. You know I will bug you til I do!!!!!!!
Haven’t seen Miss Potter- been spending time with Harry though. =o]