The Dreaded…

mammogram.  Today is the big day.  Consolation: I get to go pick up my flatware.  AND meet for dinner and a movie (if we can) with our dear friends the MichellesWe plan on eating at the Salt Grass Steakhouse.  And if time permits the new Die Hard movie.  We have been friends with the Michelles now for a very long time.  Years even.  They are much younger than us but our kids are really good friends and the same ages so it was a match made in heaven.  Besides neither of us really think about the age gap.  Our husbands both work in the same field and have lots to talk about – well and us girls never run out of things to talk about!  I am really not looking forward to the mammogram but know at my age and with the medications I take, it is a necessary evil.  Michelle’s mom is a breast cancer survivor so she knows first hand how important it is to give in and JUST DO IT.  Mom mom has never had a mammogram and refused one every year.  Now with her current diagnosis, it is a moot point.  It is unpleasant and a little scary (the waiting for results) but I am a big girl (and getting bigger – gotta get back on The Program!) so I can handle it.  Michelle had hers done at this same facility and said they were very good so that’s a positive.  Then…

Somewhere down the line I have to have my gall bladder out.  To take the time is the thing.  It is a day surgery and a snip snip go home thing but still…when I am not in pain it is easy to put it off.  And at this time I have only been having mild discomfort every now and again.  If I do watch what I eat (I can eat lots of things that dont irritate it), I rarely even get indigestion.  But if I put one greasy morsel in my mouth – OUCH!  Or raw things…not good.  So consequently I have been devouring breads and such…YUMMY but surely making my clothes shrink! And I just got the cutest dress from HannaAndersson. And I dont want it to get to tight before I can wear it!


Husband asked if I was wearing it today, but it is too warm for the 3/4 sleeves.  I will wear another one I got from the same store – a pink floral short sleeved dress with pink flip flops. 

So we are off to the city again today.   More recipes to post later…the Asiago Chicken Alfredo Husband made was a HUGE success so that is coming up.  Last night we enjoyed steaks, grilled bread, Lime Cilantro Corn (from our garden) on the grill, Orange Honey Roasted Carrots (from our garden) – all so VERY yummy…oh and I made Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies.  So…stay tuned and I will get those recipes typed up.  I hope we are able to get by the meat market on the way home and pick up some pancetta – I have a pasta dish I am working on and I think that would be just the addition needed!

Have a great Monday!

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My 14 year old daughter is having her gall bladder removed Wednesday.

I hope that you have a good day today, in spite of getting flattened.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! My married daughter had hers out a few months ago…she did just great!


Susan, Deborah and I love the dress! Went to the web site (planning to wait till it goes on sale; 12 years old–no, now 13–is too young to pay full H.A. price, says she). But now that she’s taller than you she says this dress will be too short for her (and she likes them long). Too bad, the colors are sooo wonderful.

Is the mammo part of your yearly (I thought you went in the spring)? And you’ve never had one? Two things remind me that, “Oh yeah, another reason to lose weight.” One is summer in LA. The second is the mammogram!

Call me or email me, please, when you get the chance. I have a soap question/need.

Best on the gallbladder… and the mammogram, too. I just had my first one a few weeks ago, and now I have to have a needle biopsy at some point, as well. Uchh. But I know we will both be fine, despite annoying “maintenance.” Love the dress!



Hope the operation and the mammogram goes well. Lovely dress btw.

So many things to comment on!

1) a little shmushed boob is so worth knowing the results

2) I LOVE that Hannah dress. So pretty!!!!! I love the bodice.

3) Your dinner sounds delish and I can’t wait to get the recipes.

4) Have fun with your friends!!!!