The Wizard Was In!

We enjoyed the movie very much.  Of course…the book was better. DUH.  But it was still very, very good.  We got to town a bit early and ate at Ruby Tuesdays.  Which I hope we never do again.  Not good.  And I have never seen 5 burgers worth $70.  $60 with a tip.  But now we know.  We can cross that off our list of things to try.  It was raining far too hard to shop when we got out of the movie so we came on home.  I will get my flatware on Monday when we go BACK to the city for a doctors appointment.

I tell you, I am enjoying a very tasty scone this morning with my coffee.  I felt a baking mood coming on when I woke up so while Husband fried some sausage, I whipped up some scones.  Delish.  I think the key to very tasty scones is the heavy cream and real butter.  Things that should never be substituted.


I have several recipes to type up for you later today – I hope.  Curry recipe, Naan, Asiago Chicken Alfredo (Husband’s latest HUGE culinary success), Cream Scones…I am sure there are others I have missed.  I will get caught up…promise.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Waiting patiently for your cream scone recipe.

My daughter and I “take tea”. She loves it, and so do I. I don’t have any scone recipes that I like.


Enter me that contest please!