Today is National Lollipop Day! And a Giveaway, of course!

Thanks to Beth – you happy readers get another chance at a giveaway ~ a quick one day one!! Answer the following question in a comment (feel free to comment further if you like) and I will put your name in my candy jar!  Then I will draw in the morning and the winner will get a bundle of YUMMY lollipops made especially for me by Maureen over at Simply Heaven Lollipop Shoppe!

What is your favorite flavor lollipop? (mine is maple)

And now FYI – The History of the Lollipop from Candy USA 

There are many stories about how the lollipop was invented. Some believe that a form of it has been around since the 1800s. Charles Dickens and other authors referred to a sweet lozenge without a stick in some stories. During the Civil War, it is believed that little pieces of hard candy were put on the ends of pencils for children to nibble (YUCK).

In 1908, George Smith claimed to be the first to invent the modern lollipop. Smith applied an idea of putting hard candies on a stick to make them easier to eat. He decided to name the treat after his favorite racing horse, Lolly Pop, and later trademarked the name. Lollipops were successful until the Depression. Smith stopped production on lollipops and the name fell into public domain.

A Racine, Wis., manufacturing company claims credit for inventing the first lollipop machine. Racine Confectioners Machinery Co. answered an East Coast candy maker’s call to have a machine make hard candy on a stick in 1908. The company created a machine that automated the lollipop making process and could make 40 lollipops per minute.

However, others claim Samuel Born was the first to automate the lollipop-making process. Lollipop manufacturing grew independently in California and in 1916 Samuel Born invented the Born Sucker machine. This machine automatically inserted the stick, which added to the popularity of the confection. San Francisco awarded Born the keys to the city for his invention.

Over time, lollipops have had different looks. They have been traditional hard candy on a stick and hard candy on a ring, some include bubble gum or chocolate as a surprise center and some even spin or glow. Whether traditional or novel, the lollipop is still enjoyed by many people.

 So there you have it! Happy Friday and Happy Lollipop Day! 

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Mmmm… For me, maple or butterscotch would be neck-and-neck… But I think I’d have to go with butterscotch if I’m chosing one! Thanks!


Lollipop, lollipop ooh lolli lolli loll…..
Ok here’s my favorite- a tootsie pop- chocolate flavor. And I definately chew them!

My fav is bubble gum. Love it!



cherry is my favorite flavor

My favourite flavour is cherry.

I’m just a sucker (hehe) for root beer flavor. Yummy. MB


My favorite lollipop flavor is red cinnamon. A friend’s mom made these when we were kids and they were the best. Now my mouth is watering!!

My favorite lollipop is actually one I make myself….lol

I make hard candy for christmas and I have this love of moose so I found a moose mold over at and started making what I called,
“Moose Poop Pops”….lol I would put some of those little silver decoration candies in the buttocks area of the sucker. My favorite flavor has always been blackberry.


I love watermellon, or green apple 🙂 Thanks for sharing the story behind the lollipop!


Oh, my favorite is root beer as well…I love them when I get a chance:-)


I love green apple or grape! yummy.


Happy Lollipop Day!

One of my favourite lollipop flavours is lemon… but really, how can I choose just one?

My favorite one is the chocolate tootsie pops….after that is butterscotch.

Cherry is my first choice, but root beer is a VERY close second!


I know i’m weird and they are hard to find,but horehound is my favorite flavor!

My favorite lolli flavor would have to be orange cream.
* I wanted to join in on the answers, but please do not add my name to the candy jar. I feel too lucky to have won the coffee giveaway!!!!!*


My very favorite is the chocolate tootsie pop but I also have become very fond of caramel apple pops thanks to my ds!!

Cherry for me!!!
(And Cherry Blow-Pops are my favorite!)

Any kind! I’m a sucker for a sucker! LOL! Tootsie pops are my particular flavor, especially chocolate. I also like green apple, with the caramel! Yummy! Have to go find a lolly now. Thanks! Lisa C.

Well, I’ve rarely met a lollipop that I didn’t like:):) I love watermelon, green apple, and cherry.


I think mine would be coca cola flavoured – here we have lollipops by the brand name of Chupa Chups, they’ve been around since I was a kid and they are yum!

Oh my, I have to pick just one?? Well, then I would have to say green apple or cherry – I can’t choose just one. Other favorites include butterscotch, cream soda and watermelon – yum!